Online Black Market

online-black-marketOnline black market is a binary options software that has apparently been released to us by an undercover investigative journalist. The web site is proposed to us as YouTube but is not this web-site and just a fake shell.

Today I’ll be playing the role of investigative journalist in this review and letting you know the hard truth that you need to understand.

Online Black Market Review

The Online black market is a free binary options software. On the right hand side of the web site at all times is an email subscription form that if you fill out you are told that you can gain access to the software 100% free. My opinions of this software are obviously influenced by the negative experiences I have had with other websites like this and products that promise the exact same approach. This may not be fair to the vendor but there are some marketing methods being used here that can be considered mischievous.


The web-site acts as YouTube but the online black market binary options software is actually a shell of this. If you click on the YouTube button on the bottom left hand side of the video you will be taken to the actual hosted page. Here we can see the video was uploaded on April 29th and has a few hundred views. Yet, on the official web-site the developers are trying to trick us and tell us that the video was uploaded July 11 and has over 17,000 views. The developers of this binary options software are trying to propose that that their software is more popular than it actually is. This is a common method in the binary options market.

We can see in the black market binary options video that they want us to believe that they have over 200 subscribers and just under 500 likes. In actuality, the video channel has 11 likes, is uploaded by someone named Paul Connor, not the proposed “online black market” and the video has 50 likes. There is clearly a lot of deception taking place here and this makes it very difficult for me to make a recommendation. At this point in time I believe we should take our time and revisit this software in a few months. I would like to see whether or not this software is successful in the community before we get involved with it. If you have something you would like to add to the review please leave your remarks below.

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