One Click Profits Review

one-click-profitsOne Click Profits is a new binary options system developed by Anthony DeRuiz. Anthony’s home base is London, UK and he says that he will give us $50 for free with no strings attached or credit card required.

Today I will take a closer look at this system and let you know if it’s truly free or if there is some sort of catch along the line. I will provide a review and an area at the bottom of the page for community feedback.

One Click Profits Review

The One Click Profits system claims to make it’s members $1,200 to $1,700 per day on average. Then, profits are sent quickly by check or bank wire. The process they show is very simple as well. There are two buttons and when one button reaches over 90% we have to click on it. In 60 seconds we will know if we won or we lost.

I’ve gone to the One Click Profits system page and I’m not very impressed. This really looks like a script, or a simple application. There is no proof that any of these trades are actually happening. I feel like there’s more to this, something they don’t want us to know. The problem is, I have to mindlessly click on these buttons twenty times before they will tell me what the next move is. When I click the withdraw your funds button it says that I need to play 20 times before I can withdraw anything. I really don’t feel like there’s any chance that I’m going to be able to withdraw this money without some sort of string attached. The thing is, we aren’t even shown what pair or asset we are trading when clicking these buttons so I can’t even verify that the prices are right. To me, it just seems like a fake script.

I suggest someone comes back to this website on the weekend and see if it’s still working. If there are still trades happening then we know that it’s fake since the markets will be closed.

I won’t be recommending the One Click Profits system to the binary options today traders. I really don’t see anything positive on this website. There is a little game where we click a green and red button over and over again until we can supposedly withdraw our funds. I believe that this entire exercise will just lead us into depositing with a binary options broker, and thus I’m not interested. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. If you actually stuck around and hit the buttons 20 times I’d love to know what happened afterwards.

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