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Published on February 5th, 2016 | by John Kane


One Click Profits Review

one-click-profitsOne Click Profits is a new binary options system developed by Anthony DeRuiz. Anthony’s home base is London, UK and he says that he will give us $50 for free with no strings attached or credit card required.

Today I will take a closer look at this system and let you know if it’s truly free or if there is some sort of catch along the line. I will provide a review and an area at the bottom of the page for community feedback.

One Click Profits Review

The One Click Profits system claims to make it’s members $1,200 to $1,700 per day on average. Then, profits are sent quickly by check or bank wire. The process they show is very simple as well. There are two buttons and when one button reaches over 90% we have to click on it. In 60 seconds we will know if we won or we lost.

I’ve gone to the One Click Profits system page and I’m not very impressed. This really looks like a script, or a simple application. There is no proof that any of these trades are actually happening. I feel like there’s more to this, something they don’t want us to know. The problem is, I have to mindlessly click on these buttons twenty times before they will tell me what the next move is. When I click the withdraw your funds button it says that I need to play 20 times before I can withdraw anything. I really don’t feel like there’s any chance that I’m going to be able to withdraw this money without some sort of string attached. The thing is, we aren’t even shown what pair or asset we are trading when clicking these buttons so I can’t even verify that the prices are right. To me, it just seems like a fake script.

I suggest someone comes back to this website on the weekend and see if it’s still working. If there are still trades happening then we know that it’s fake since the markets will be closed.

I won’t be recommending the One Click Profits system to the binary options today traders. I really don’t see anything positive on this website. There is a little game where we click a green and red button over and over again until we can supposedly withdraw our funds. I believe that this entire exercise will just lead us into depositing with a binary options broker, and thus I’m not interested. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. If you actually stuck around and hit the buttons 20 times I’d love to know what happened afterwards.

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22 Responses to One Click Profits Review



  2. Kevin says:

    Well everybody the old adage says it all
    ” if it looks too good to be true it generally is ”
    Is there ANY way to make a easy living or even a decent few quid on the web other than EBay ?!

  3. Muhammad Akram says:

    I win 250 $ to day but step 1 has not been comleted

  4. Emmanuel Descartes says:

    I am glad that I have found this site because I was searching google to see what could I find about this one click profit site. I came across their site by browsing online and from a $50 gift I could turn it to $250 with their software with 10 clicks. One click was a loss and the 9 others was a win; but during the process I was pretty sure that one of the 9 clicks was a loss even though the software said it was a win. Anyway like the others said, I tried to go further and withdraw, but the account freezes at some point where I should have watched a video after what I could continue. Right after, someone called me and was asking me to make a deposit to activate the account. I asked the girl if they have a demo account where I could test the software because I am not really convinced about it. She said I already see the software potential. But since I am still skeptical, so I started to google One click profit. They should close down all those scam binary softwares.

  5. Morne says:

    Wow!!!! 360 again…… Guess what… Me to!! LMFAO!!!😂 All the same happend to me a few weeks ago, and just like everyone lost all my hard earned money to these fuc#$%!!!! I then emailed their complaints department explained to them that the software did not work and can not be trusted and that it is a load of bullshit! Their win win story in the video advertisement is a huge fucking lie…….Their reply to me was the best! And I quote. “SIR I AM NOT SURE WHAT YOU WANT FROM US” OMG!! Are these CLOWNS for real???? Please man get a job at MCdonnalds….. Guess if they can’t understand a few words in an email then I must be the dumb ass that invested my money with clowns like them…. And be on the look out if you are a south African sitezen like my selfself, they did not take $250 from my account but took 250 GBP, that was more than R 5000 (ZAR)….. really nice of them, robbing working people from their HARD earned money….. If only I could get my hands on the CEO….. Man I would surely feel so much better…..I’d evan through in another $250…..

  6. Robbie says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m in the same situation as everyone above and won $360 dollars however I didn’t wisen to the SCAM at this point and deposited 250 to a broker account (Banc De Binary) with the intention of starting to trade binary options through a broker account.
    I made One Click Profit aware a month ago that I had deposited the 250 in the broker account and haven’t received any money from them and they emailed back about 2 weeks later saying that I would need to speak to my broker about this.

    I recently received an email saying that I still haven’t collected my winnings from One Click Profits and instructing me to deposit 250. I send them statements and broker account sreen shots providing evidence that I did deposit this money.

    I emailed them back instructing them to deposit my winning into my account immediately and advised them that I would be perusing this further, under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 which covers purchases made using the card costing between £100 and £30,000, where a misrepresentation or breach of contract has been proven, if the funds weren’t in my account within the next 48 hours.

    The funds are still not in my account (4 days later) and I have had no communication back from One Click Profits.

    Does anyone know how I could pursue this further or who could help in this situation with regards to getting my money from this SCAM of a company?

  7. Quincy says:

    Hi every one… here is my story about One-Click-Profits.

    They offer everyone a $50 free gift… YES INDEED… but watch-out this is a trap and a clever trick.

    OK, I did accept the $50 gift and used it to play the mandatory 20 round game, I lose 2 game and won 18 which total the sum of $360. According to their statement you can claim the winning instantly. But when I try to claim my winning $360 they contacted me and me to first make a deposit of $250 with their recommended Broker.

    Then I replied to the email and ask them to remit the $360 directly into my account with the Broker because it is my money, I earn it. So remit the money into my account with the Broker and I can start trading with it, but they refused to do and stated that I have to make a fresh new deposit. THIS IS WHERE I SMELL SOMETHING FISHY!

    They I started to having problem accessing my account, they deliberately block it, so the $50 so called gift and my winning cannot be withdraw in order to force me to invest $250. So actually the so called gift is not really GIFT.

    The software was program to work well for the first 20 round as a make believe that the software really works, but after investing $250 the software will start losing trade and burn out your money.

    It looks to me like some kind of a new shining scam.

  8. Tammy says:

    Same thing here

  9. Christine Wareing says:

    I have tried the 1 click system, and for sure it is a scam. I supposedly made a profit of $360 but at the end of the game when I wanted to withdraw the funds the system would not let me.
    I was asked to please select a broker, who I do not know, and also no field in which to put a brokers name anyway.
    When I questioned them via e-mail about this, well, I am still waiting for an explaination.
    Christine. PS they are still e-mailing me to withdraw the funds.

  10. T Henry says:

    $360 is exactly what I ended up with after 20 clicks. Wanted to test withdrawal Before I sent any of my money. Yep, endless loop never any place to tell where to send money. S C A M M

  11. Paul Kelly says:

    Well after reading the rest of the reviews I agree “to good to be true” Yea after 20 clicks, it showed that I turned 50 dollars into 360 dollars. I tried to withdraw the funds and well you know the rest of the story.I did send a gmail to them requesting a little help, no reply yet. That was two days ago. So like I said “to good to be true”.

  12. Patricia A Brown says:


  13. ben says:

    My response was just about like Dennis. I do trade forex, but was very skeptical when I was able to trade the EUR/USD AT 7;00. i THOUGHT THE MARKET WAS CLOSED FROM FRIDAY 5:30-Sunday:5:00pm. I thought, maybe these guys have an inside track. The money was the same which is another red flag. Same response on the withdrawal. I sent them a email. Waiting.

  14. Oja says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your experience too. This website seems to be unrealistic to me too ‘coz it even operates on weekends yet stock markets are closed on the weekend. Unless of they had mentioned that 50$ free game is a demo only otherwise there’s no stock market operating over the weekend .

  15. Tofa Sualauvi Sua says:

    couldnt withdraw anything that was won ….then they gave payment info for the winning but says all deposit will be in the BigOption account….Cant remember if I openned up an account with Big Option…very skeptical about this software…the guy in the video gave 3 withdraw options but we were not give a form or an option to select what you wanted…Very iffy kind of demonstration

  16. Dennis Jaramillo says:

    I did stick it today to see what came after the 20 clicks, it showed that I turned 50 dollars into 360 dollars. When I hit the withdraw your funds a smaller window popped up to register this is what it said…
    STEP 1
    Please complete the form below. Make sure your details are accurate or you will not be able to withdraw your funds.
    After that nothing happened and in red letters it said “no brokers available at this time” that’s as far as I got. They did send me an email with the password to login, the one I chose would not work. That’s as far as I got so I can’t withdraw anything. I was gonna test it and see if I could get 100 dollars out but it’s stuck right there and if you hit the back button it just asks to register again. I’ll keep trying it out and if something different happens I’ll post it here…

    • Julija says:

      I have clicked the 20 click, but I am not sure about giving my phone number..

    • Albert Allen says:

      Every thing you said is true. I won $360.00.
      I received an email with a password to use to Withdraw my funds. I filled all the information requested and nothing happened. It’s like it just frozen up. I TRIED several times and nothing happened.
      After trying again, I figured that it had to be some type of SCAM. At least I didn’t have to deposit any of my own money.

      • Wayne says:

        I just stumbled upon this and whilst waiting the 60 secs I checked out some reviews (hence how I got here). Guess how much profit I earned ….. yep $360 surprisingly … NOT!!!! Definitely wont be passing on any personal details!

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