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Published on April 27th, 2016 | by John Kane


Neo2 by Jack Piers Review

NEO2Neo2 is a new binary options trading system developed by Jack Piers. According to the website. This software is using the combination of trading algorithms and whether prediction technology to make traders $4000 a week. Considering how poor job meteorologists are doing at predicting long term forecasts I’m confused as to why this would have any influence on trading.

Today I’ll be providing a review and hopefully getting some of my questions answered, because I have quite a few.

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Neo2 Review

The front of the Neo2 website tells us that their binary options software has an 85% win rate and traders can get it for free this week or for $7900 in the near future. It’s my belief that this software will always be free and that their claim is merely a marketing push to create a sense of urgency. When you first get onto the website you will find that there is a video that includes a quote from the Washington Post. This reads ” the convergence of whether prediction and trading algorithms may possibly make Neo2 the first form of legal insider trading.” Since they use this quote right at the front of their webpage, I assume it must be very important to them. Yet, I’ve gone to the Washington Post webpage and use their search function but cannot find any reference to the software whatsoever. I’m not sure why that is but I hope that Jack Piers can clear that up for in the comments section here.

Video Review

Underneath the Neo2 video there are 3 more reviews from other media outlets. Again, when I go to these websites and use their search function I can’t find any information about this automated trading application. I’m hoping that Jack can clear that up by responding to this post and leaving a comment. In watching the video on the front page we are told that the strategy behind the software is based on the convergence of binary options and whether prediction. There doesn’t seem to be any proof that shows me how effective Jack is at predicting the weather for binary options at this point in time. I’m hoping that they provide some trading statements or some sort of weather analysis because the whole concept is a little confusing to me. People who predict the weather every single day have a very small percentage chance. At predicting long-term forecasts so I’m not sure how using something as unstable as the weather will help our binary options trading.

As you can probably tell, I have quite a few questions about the Neo2 trading software that I need answered. Until I can get answers to these questions I won’t be able to fully recommend the trading software to the binary options community. I’m interested in what they have to offer but I just don’t understand how it works and I’d love to see some live trading results before I get involved. Please let me know what you think about this software and whether or not it’s going to be a positive or negative for our trading accounts. Thanks for coming to binary today and please feel free to send me an email at any time.

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13 Responses to Neo2 by Jack Piers Review

  1. Des says:

    Total B.S. They make us sign up with unscrupulous brokers. Now I am having a hard time withdrawing my money with SecuredOptions.

  2. dcharles says:

    Need some answer here how is John Kane signal. Can anyone tell me how good John Kane software

  3. Michael says:

    NEO2 is a joke. Actually I like to call it “White Collar” crime. It started off well, then suddenly all it traded was coffee, it totally cleaned me out. I don’t know who or what to trust anymore.

  4. Tim says:

    This is useless software. Michael Freeman is the biggest conman in the business. He was behind virtnext and other useless software. None of these work. Even if you guess the direction you could achive 50% win rate. This guy gets you to sign up with broekrs he’s affiliated with so he gets a nice payoff when you deposit. He doesn’t care about you. He has a facebook group where he gives money away to people and they lap up his every word. He gives away a fraction of what he has made by decieving others, its all a front to hide a conman.

    • dcharles says:

      I dcharles totally agree with your comment and the same goes for NEO 2 i failed with this software its not making money it helps to suck out money to NEO 2 Mr Gupta is building home in india he needs money so he is sucking from out pocket and he runs a sundry shop in Mumbai

    • jr says:

      This is very b s and fake software!!!!!! I got an account and the balance never increase ; stay the same for several days; the broker told me to trade on their site. I loss all of my deposit; thank to this scam software!!!!!!!!! No contact support for Neo2 whatsoever!!!!!! Sent email to Neo2 for support; got rejected emails the following days. It is a fake software or demo just showing graphic running up and down. Beware everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t believe test yourself! They make commissions from u to a real broker; and they setup you for a fake demo software etc…… They had no real contact emails or number whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!! etc.

  5. Jaseem says:

    Hi Paul,

    Same here. the software doesn’t work and just takes random trades. support do not answer anymore. And Michael Freeman does not answer as well. Little by little my patience is about to be over. every day I’m giving them a little more time. Maybe they are busy, maybe it doesn’t work as they wanted, maybe maybe maybe. I’m losing money. But at the end, if I dont get a response and answers I will destroy them. This guys cannot be found online: Amit Gupta (that specific guy cannot be found online), william van loon (cannot be found online), Dr. JAck Piers (cannot be found online). And there is no focus group thus far. no one said how or where to give input to the focus group.

  6. James kimani says:

    Anything by Michael freeman is a scam .he runs couple of websites promoting such sofwares like binary options watchdog. He will label few scam and ptomote others. Probably where he has a stake.

  7. Paul B says:

    Neo2 is a another scam that promises to be the best ever most reliable auto trading system…… the only thing auto about it was making the worst possible trades automatically out of of my account even when it was deactivated and my computer and internet turned off trades were entered with Bloombex-options (trader that was assigned to me). No amounts of emails to all involved has made a difference it just kept doing trades and i think it will keep doing this until my account is empty (about a week) i couldn’t even get the broker to freeze my account to stop all trades being accepted. nothing worked, nobody communicated besides Bloombex-options support and they said my account manager would call me and he did, a short conversation was had he said he would call back in hr……….. i am still waiting!!!!!!

  8. Bob Lee says:

    Mike Freeman is involved in this. How does that effect the whole program?

    • dcharles says:

      Mike Freeman is a real cheat He is a drop out and he knows nuts about trading i NOTICED IN ONE OF THIS VIDEO, He made a big error He has no knowledge of the candle He cannot identify an Indecision candle

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