My Detailed Review of Success Circle

Today we are analyzing a new binary options product called Success Circle. This system is built to make “fresh investment opportunities accessible to home based investors and traders.” They also claim to understand “how smart investors succeed in any market condition.”

Will this 100% free software be able to grow your accounts on a daily basis? Stick around, and find out in this detailed review.

Success Circle Review

The unknown developers of the Success Circle software believe in knowledge, persistence and relying on a systematic method. They cite Warren Buffet numerous times and believe that his insight on trading foundation helped them in the creation of their strategy. They believe that reading everything is the first step to having enough knowledge to succeed.

As for systematic method, they believe in simplicity. They want the software to be simple, but this is all they really tell us here. They should probably be giving us more information in this section on the actual strategy.

Lastly, they believe in persistence, which means that a “smart investor should never be discouraged because of losses.” They will not change their trading approach if they are faced with multiple losses.


The Success Circle wants us to believe that they aren’t producing a get rick quick scheme. They tell us they do not promise that we will get rich quick, but some of the testimonials contradict this statement.

Hans Schmidt, John Williams, Adam Visser and Mateo Lopez are apparently all happy clients of the Success Circle that have made over $7,000 with the automated system. The testimonial from Mateo reads “I was skeptical at first, since I was never into anything financial. However when I lost my job, I was pushed to find a replacement, and once I learned how to master the Success Circle software, which was easy and quick, I can continue to use it and on my was to being financially free!”

Mastering a click and go software doesn’t make a lot of sense. According to the video and sales page this is an automated software that you just push a button and then it works. It doesn’t make sense why Mateo would claim that this needs to be mastered.

Warning: The images for the testimonials can be found on stock photo web pages. This means that these images can be purchased by anyone. In the binary options market this usually means that the testimonials are FABRICATED.


There is really nothing in the video or sales page that suggests that the Success Circle is a winning software. This is another example of a binary options software that requires traders to deposit money with a broker in order to gain access. There is no description of how the software trades, and what type of strategies it uses. This makes it quite apparent that the developers have very little experience trading.

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