Modern Profit Professor – $15,000 Per Month?

Modern-Profit-ProfessorModern Profit Professor is a new binary options product by Marco Adessi. Again, a new developer in the binary options market with no reputation is here to sell us a dream. According to the website if we watch their sales video we will discover how to make at least $15,000 per month or $800 per day is a guaranteed minimum.

Today I will be providing a review, putting together a video and informing the binary options public about the positives and negatives of this new trading system.

Modern Profit Professor Review

The Modern Profit Professor website is flashier than we are used to, but the get rich quick scheme messages are still prevalent. We are told that Adessi learned how to trade the financial markets with a trader named Harrison Glass and now he wants to teach others. So what does that mean to us? Nothing really, that means we have one trader in Adessi who has no reputation being trained by another trader in Glass who has no reputation. It’s funny how many newcomers think that they can walk into the binary options market with no binary trading experience and tell us that they have the answer to all of our trading problems. I’m not buying it.

Video Review

Trading Education

fake-testiomonialsThe one thing Adessi claims is different from other autotrading systems is that he also provides quality trading education. Yet, I have put in a fake email address to enter the members area and there is no educational material in here whatsoever. The only thing I did find in the members area were a handful of testimonials that I don’t trust accompanied by a bunch of fake news articles.

MPP in Publications

News-Publications-FalsifiedThis is a really bad sign, in the members area we are shown that Adessi has been featured on the Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post. Although, when I go and do a quick search on these websites, there is no mention of Adessi or the Moderm Profit Professor automated binary tool. It’s almost getting to easy to poke holes in blatant marketing scams like these. There is really no point for me to move forward with the review after exposing such clear lies and deception.


As is often the case, I see no purpose and recommending the Modern Profit Professor to any of the readers here at binary today. I believe that the developers of this system are affiliate marketers that have no experience in the binary options market. Neither of the 2 names have any reputation and the website consistently makes grand promises that can’t be trusted.

I recommend that you take a close look at a 5 minute binary options strategy that’s changing the way traders look at binary options. This is not an automated software that’s going to make you millions overnight but there isn’t a system like that available anywhere on the Internet. If you are reader of binary today you are interested in stable gains and growing your account on a daily basis with little risk.

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