Millionaire Market Maker

millionaire-market-makerMillionaire market maker is a new signal service that claims to be generating up to $518.71 per binary options trade. This new comer says they have over 88.2% accuracy on all trades and have deemed themselves the most accurate trading signals available on the internet.

Today I will review this market maker and inform the binary today readers on the probability of this signal service meeting their expectations.

Millionaire Market Maker Review

The millionaire market maker website is a classic sales page. It consists of a long sales story with a couple screenshots along the way. They say that their professional signals are verified with different time frames on every currency pair available. They mention again that no other binary signal service on the market can offer their kind of accuracy and track record. They misspelled the word can and despite the time I’ve spent on their website I can’t find any proof of this track record they mention.

When I scroll down I see a blank space where it looks like the millionaire market maker results are supposed to be. Underneath they say you can see we’ve been seeing consistent daily profits month in and month out. Considering this is a blank space I’m looking at I cannot verify that the results are good or not. The only thing close to proof on this website is a bank account statement with Barclays that shows over $1 million in a savings account and to trade history images, one of which is from 2013.

At this point in time I will not be recommending the millionaire market maker to any of the binary today readers. It is clear to see that this website has very little proof or strategic discussion. There are words misspelled and images misplaced. I’ll check back on this page in a few months to see if it is still active, and to see if they have updated results by then. If you something you would like to write in response to this review please leave your comments below the article now. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope this website helps you understand the markets better and find your trading edge. Yesterday I added a free trade assistant and range detector software you can see here.

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