Managed Accounts Review: Blue Trading

A trading account is like a living tree. You nurture it properly, it grows. In order to achieve a consistent growth of your trading account you need to ensure two things first:

  1. A successfully proven trading strategy
  2. The right trading attitude

These issues are not easy to solve in real live trading as the market is changing rapidly due to both fundamental and technical factors. The truth is, only experienced and disciplined traders survive at the market in the long run, but there’s no need to push the panic button yet! If you can’t help yourself as a trader, you can still engage experienced and professional traders to trade on your behalf to keep the process of “earning from the market’ running. Blue Trading is an organization who take all the trading hassles on themselves and aim to grow the investor’s trading accounts at a steady pace.

Blue Trading was found by Richard Anderson and his team in 2012 as a private and institutional investor’s account management group. In early 2016 they’ve launched the complete retail accounts managing service with their own trading platform. To get in touch you can email them at or can write them: 6-2-30 Roppongi, Roppongi Hills Tower, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 100-0032, Japan. They also have Support/Trading/Meeting Centres in Japan, Ireland, Switzerland, and Monaco.

Blue Trading Review

Blue Trading is operated by a team of highly experienced market experts with the principal focus on Forex, commodities and cryptocurrency instruments. Their job is to monitor the market for 24-hours and carry out each and every trade from entry to exit on behalf of their clients worldwide. Besides, they use their own managed account platform and investors are allowed to log in to their system to watch and monitor the activity and progress of the account anytime and from anywhere of the world.

Blue Trading Accounts

There are two kinds of accounts offered by Blue Trading:

Standard Account

  • Minimum deposit: €3,000 EUR
  • No spread mark-ups
  • No inception/account opening/loading or management fees
  • Withdrawal and account closure processed immediately
  • 24-hour support from to Friday of each week
  • Swap fee (Islamic) account option available
  • 24-hour access to the trading dashboard to view trades
  • 18% performance fee of net profit
  • Upgradable to VIP accounts depending on invested capital amounts

VIP Accounts

  • Minimum deposit: €12,500 EUR
  • No spread mark-ups
  • No inception/account opening/loading or management fees
  • Withdrawal and account closure processed immediately
  • 24-hour support from to Friday of each week
  • Swap fee (Islamic) account option available
  • 24-hour access to the trading dashboard to view trades
  • 12% performance fee of net profit
  • 45 days with no performance fee as new account trial period

What you get in exchange of performance fees:

  • Trading team with 40+ years trader experience.
  • Diversified trading strategy utilizing over five traders with more than 10 trading strategies.
  • Funds deposited directly to bank brokerage liquidity provider.
  • Track records 100% verified by 3rd party trading verification sites and CPA firm.
  • Trading platform accessible 24 hours a day to view account by both computer and mobile device.
  • No “hands on” trading required – 100% managed trading.
  • No additional charges except performance fee on net profits.

Working Principles:

  • Only the highest probability trades are taken. They use sophisticated analytical standards to determine and identify potential opportunities on specific trading instruments.
  • Strict risk management teachings: Judicious risk management principles are applied to the trading account in order to generate a driven quantitative trade pattern, thus ensuring consistency and account growth
  • Trading strategies: All trading strategies are proprietary to the trader, used with the condition of a risk management scale, and are placed with a pre-determined exposure in the overall trading strategy.
  • Trade Monitoring: Trades are monitored 24 hours to ensure the safety of client funds.

Trading Instruments & Types:

Blue Trading covers a wide range of instruments over Forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Mostly they emphasis on trading instruments with higher liquidity like, major Forex currency pairs e.g. EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USDJPY. They’ve also included cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and other frequently traded commodities items to their watch list. Trades are carried out based on high probability trade setups which are identified by their expert team through constant research in dynamic markets. Which means that traders aren’t expected to sign up with a brokerage.

Performance & Track Records:

Blue Trading publishes CPA audited track records in their Website. According to their performance statement from November 2015 to August 2018, their monthly average profit was 19.08% with more than 70% winning trading percentages. Unlike other account managing firms, they admit their losses as well. But compared to their gains, loss percentage is very little and quite logical from a practical point of view. Top gains in a month: 27.33% in December 2015, 33.27% in August 2017, 27.43% in February 2018 so far. The total amount inder management by all traders is €36,000,000 until now. For more details, you can view the Certified Performance Audit to see the total compound returns on the investor accounts. All the figures stated regarding profit returns are calculated before fees to maintain the complete transparency.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Funds are accepted by the firm only through bank wire transfer or Bitcoin. Withdrawals are also processed through the same methods within the same business day. Blue Trading doesn’t charge any fee on deposit or withdrawal amoounts. However, withdrawals can only be made once in a month.


Based on our review of Blue Trading, it is quite clear that the company does their most to maintain the highest level of transparency to their clients. Their verified track records also suggest that they are making money from the market for their clients on a consistent basis since they’ve started. We’ve also observed other reviews and none of them suggests any theft or irregular activity related issues experienced ever as a client of Blue Trading. The opportunity to directly monitor accounts activity by clients, 24-hours customer support, CPA verified profit statements & track records, fast deposit and withdrawal procedures, altogether made them a unique and trustworthy full-service managed trading account firm.

If you are a client, please leave a comment and let us know what your experiences with this managed account firm has been like. Thanks in advance!

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