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Published on March 4th, 2020 | by John Kane


Managed Account Service: Mambo Investments

Today I will be providing a full review on a new managed account service, Mambo Investments. This service promises hundred and 60 monthly trades with a 77% in the money ratio and a monthly return on investment of 140%. These are some pretty aggressive numbers, so it’s important that I really take a close look at what they are offering and come to a conclusion on whether or not they will be able to realistically achieve the expectations.

The Mambo offices are located at Rue Arsene Houssaye, 75008, Paris. In order to get in touch with the support staff, traders can fill out a contact form on the website or email Be very careful with binary options account managers. Just because they say that they are expert traders, doesn’t mean that they are any better than you are.

Mambo Investments Review

The website indicates that the Mambo Investments service is run by 3 major players, and a collection of Junior traders. The CEO Paulo Santos, the COO Nick Roadh and the main trader Mitch Skolnik are the driving forces of this service. They have help from the junior traders, “Demi Alvarez, Sophia Pelagia, Amelie Beliveau, Ana Gomes, Carlos Santos, Brian Chadwick, Samuel Beliveau, Tracy jones, and Ester Manu.” In doing a Google search for Paulo, there is some information on him, including a Facebook account but neither him nor the rest of this list have much of a reputation in the binary options market at this point. That being said, it doesn’t mean that they are bad account managers.

The Mambo Investments account managers believe that they are truly ahead of the market because of their work with fundamental and technical analysis using custom-made indicators. I don’t want to interrupt the flow the review, but there are quite a few spelling mistakes on the sales page which calls into question their professionalism. I’m reading through this website for the first time, and I’m picking up on errors left right and center. You would hope that a professional developer would read through their own sales page multiple times before launching their product.

Back to what I was saying though, the traders at Mambo claim to be professionals that utilize strategies that work today.

Trading Results

The trading results section of the website shows us hundreds of images going all the way back to June 2016. I certainly appreciate the fact that the Mambo Investments service provides this update with their results but the way the results are provided, and the fact that days, even, months are missing is an issue. Instead of providing us with one long statement showing us every single trade provided, it seems like the results are being cherry picked. The way they cut and paste these images, it is definitely possible that the losing days and months aren’t being reported.


The testimonials on the website are using stock images, so we don’t know if the Mambo Investments testimonials are real or fabricated. One of the testimonials is from Magda Smith who claims she “tried almost all Binary Options Managed Account services out there and this one is by far is the best one, I started 1 year ago with 500$, nowadays i made well over 15k monthly without doing a single trade.” Starting with $500 and now making $15,000 a month is an unrealistic claim to say the least.


With the bad history of poorly performing managed account services in the binary options market, it’s very difficult to to promote any of them. The Mambo Investments website attempts to put together a compelling case, but they fall short on quite a few different aspects. They need to find a better way to provide results, deal with testimonials and proofread their entire website that is full of spelling mistakes and errors. At this point in time, I will be giving this managed account service a 3 star out of 5. I don’t want to totally condemn their services before I try them because there is nothing that suggests that this is an outright scam.

Thank you for reading my review, please spend more time here on binary today getting to know myself and the rest of this wonderful binary options community.

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3 years ago

Hi Guys, I have only had bad experience with Mambo Investments. a group of us had $12K invested with a promise that Paluo Santos invests and also took 2 months to get up and running. Then overnight they blew our accounts as apparently a rogue trader “DA” had a grudge, which is absolute nonsense. Please folks we lost a lot with them and have proof to substantiate this, just stay away.

Paul Smith
Paul Smith
3 years ago

Took 2 months to start trading my account. They keep changing the rules.

There overall win rate was 38%. They are arrogant and do not care about there clients.

I have many emails to prove.

They sent me a massage wanting me to put more money in the account so there senior trader would trade the account. They will not trade any account with bonus. Somehow they find out and I had to log a complaint with CTOptions. Looks like there account rep is on there pay role.

I have have emails to prove all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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