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instant-traderInstant trader is a free binary options trading software that is raffling off 29 free $1000 brokerage accounts. In order to get more people in the door the developers of the software claim that one in every 10 people who sign up for their product will get a free trading account.

In this review I will be looking at reputation of the development team and letting the binary today readers understand whether or not there is truly a giveaway.

Instant Trader Review

With products like instant trader hitting the market every few days promising free accounts and large returns there is one method that always works for me. It’s simple, wait and see. If we wait 2 weeks and we haven’t heard of one person commenting on binary today to prove a $1000 account was handed out then we can make the assumption that it was just marketing. I’m not saying that’s what it is in this case but all free binary options systems in the past that have offered free accounts and thousands of dollars for watching videos have never came through.

The main page of the instant trader software consists of an email subscription form, a video and a couple of different brokerage accounts that have supposedly been verified by binary verify. I’ve had bad feelings about this binary verify website in the past because I’ve talked with a handful of experts in the binary options market and they all believe that the website is fake. It’s hard for me to argue either way but from what I know is binary options platforms don’t allow any API integration which is what would be required to provide this service.

At this point in time I can’t give a final conclusion about the instant trader binary options software because I’ve not fully tested it myself. I think our best bet here is to follow my advice and take advantage of the wait and see strategy. There is no reason for us to be the first traders to test this software so let’s see if they are actually handing out free accounts. If you have tried this system or you just want to let the binary today readers to hear you out please leave a comment below now. Thanks for coming to binary today and look forward to a handful of more reviews I plan on writing throughout the day.

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