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Published on October 21st, 2015 | by John Kane


Instant Options Review

instant-optionsInstant Options is a a binary options private member group that uses a semi automated software. This system was developed in 2009 to automatically trade and grow the accounts of their clients. This binary system is related to the people at ultra wealth creation.

There is very little community feedback on this service so I’ll be providing a review and urging the Binary Today readers to share their thoughts by leaving comments below.

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Instant Options Review

The instant options website claims that they have a significantly strong risk to reward ratio reporting a winning percentage of 91% over the past two years. Traders are required to investment a minimum of $1000 to get started and all subsequent deposits have to be over this threshold as well. The company is own by Sam Lawson who is based out of Singapore, and the account manager is Rebecca Johnson. Traders can access Rebecca through Skype and their business hours are 6am to 2pm CST.

There are three different types of accounts with instant options, low risk (3% per trade), standard risk (5%) and high risk (7%). While up until this point everything likely sounds quite impressive I am not as impressed. I feel that there are two major aspects missing here, results and community response. The website provides us with screen shots of withdrawals and calculators showing us how much we could make, there is no actual proof of trades. No examples of wins or losses using this system. This is obviously the most important aspect, and without this I will have to hear more from the binary options community before I can make a proper conclusion.

At this point in time I believe that we need to wait and see what the binary options community has to say about instant options before we try it ourselves. Historically, I have had bad experiences with managed account services, even those that seem as professional as this one being provided by ultra wealth creation. Please let me know what you think about the instant service and any other managed account product you’ve used in the past. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can help us by sharing some insight. Thanks for coming to Binary Today, I hope this review helps you make the right decision and that you find some time to look around BT some more.

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39 Responses to Instant Options Review

  1. Terry says:

    Total scam. In my opinion they use our money to make their commissions when you register a win. Then they lose all our money and there is nothing we can do to stop it because their withdrawal web-site is always under construction. May karma reward them ten-fold. Lost $2,000.00 to these scam artists.

  2. scott says:

    Not only is instant options a scam elite preferred options and option robot are too.They are owned by same people.I suggest you email or call local FBI office like i did and FFC.The more people make a complaint the more likely something might get done.Kara is right there are some big timers envolved, but we all need do apart no matter how big or small.

  3. cindy says:

    It is scam. Now that they are not paying anyone the last 8 trades were losses in row that has never happen in last 2 weeks lost $20,000 they will keep doing losses until nothing is left and you can’t stop them. That is their stradegy to not pay anyone

  4. kara says:

    Some really big investors are are after these people: I would not like to be in there shoes, If you are working for and involved with IO i would be looking behind yourself. As they will be out get You!!

  5. Terry says:

    Instant Options is a scam! Don’t give them a dime please.. They took 4k from me and my family, trust me they are an absolute fraud and I hope someone can catch up with them to prosecute.

  6. No Riches says:

    Huge scam, no withdrawals processed from Instant-Options. No assistance from Rebecca Johnson account manager after they receive your $$$. Although she did advise she wasn’t in charge of withdrawals & could not advise who was in control of withdrawals?!! DO NOT invest you will lose your $$$. Only a get rich scheme for the so called Sam Lawson & Rebecca Johnson who run the Ponzi scheme. KARMA!! What goes around comes around!

  7. scott says:

    There sure alot of us that got in at the same time line.I wonder if we were invited in by the same person.Instant options withdraw page is always under construction Now for elite pages are all up but i havent tried to withdraw yet.Is there any way to get deposit back at least.

  8. Paul says:

    This is a scam, do not send them any money and please if you have lost money, report it to the pertinent authorities in your jurisdiction, in addition tot he next generation scams, they created another one called fast options and another one called high end options.

  9. David Patton says:

    Please post to all that Instant-Options is a scam, as is Fast Options. Both of these are listed on the Preferred Binary Options website [as well as Options Rider, Elite Options and Options Giant]. A very close friend of mine got me into both of these before information was discovered as to the nefarious nature of both. I was really hoping to assist my living on social security but as it has turned out, I will have to struggle to make up what I lost. So much for dreams of financial security. Hopefully the individuals behind these scams spend time behind bars to reflect on the financial harm they’ve done to others that had some trust in the programs.

  10. Tony says:

    Do not send them any money, they are scammers. They will take your money and will not send you any withdrawals. There is another one called Elite Options, it turns out it is also a scam. The minimum deposit on all these accounts is now $10,000. You will lose all of it.
    With regard to who regulates them, they have never sent proof of being registered anywhere so there cannot be any regulation. No phone, no real address, no public website registration, only Skype and nasty replies from Rebecca Johnson with Instant Options or from Jonas Effenberg from Elite Options

  11. Crystal says:

    SCAM!! I joined after an invite last September. Have sent so many messages I have lost count. After two weeks of messages I finally received one back from Rebecca Johnson that gives new meaning to rudeness and unprofessional-ism. Do not know if it will help but I am reporting the company for fraud to the Attorney General and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). I suggest everyone that is involved with this company do the same.

  12. Mr. T says:

    Started in early September and didn’t take the Instant Option bonus so that I can withdraw in just a month. Well over a month after, I sent a withdraw request. Email message stated processing time is two days but didn’t happen. Sent another request a couple weeks after, same message but nothing. Email Rebecca Johnson, no reply from her or else. My $1,000, oops.

  13. My husband and I joined in Sept and Oct 2015 and have been trying un-successfully to withdraw initial funds this is definitely a scam do not invest in this company.

    • ghost says:


  14. Michael says:

    Instant Options is 100% scam. This Ponzi scheme has run its full course. People were able to withdraw during the momentum stage (happy days!!) where they were getting lots of new ‘investors’, but that is drying up rapidly. So there is very little new money coming in to pay current and future withdrawal requests. Instant-Options is now reforming on a new web site called, same stuff but trying for new blood. As far as I can tell this will be their 4th different website – all different names but same people, same ponzi, they are..
    good luck!

  15. Ryan says:

    Does anyone know if there is a reputable company that offers a 100% managed binary options account?

  16. krishna says:

    i am very confuse about this instant Options. anybody can give me some information.
    1) The governmental body they are registered under.
    2) If this not scam?
    3) anybody know more about.

    • frank says:

      I had invested the $1,000 on October 13, 2015 my trade account went live the 15th but I had wire my money to the account they had on the web site at the time and they change it during the day so my wire was re sent back to me minus fee they were charge. Then I had resent the wire 10 days later as a re deposit and they added the amount to my account as a second deposit Red Flag #1, I will not complain about the extra balance but that tells me they are not managing their finance. 3 weeks in they started having problems with to much money being wired into the foreign bank accounts and those accounts were closed to wire. Then they work on getting a United States account with Wells Fargo in CA and as soon as the account started getting wired money, it got locked up because Instant Option claims that they had to provide more information about their business. Red Flag #2. I have been invested now 30 days November 15,2015 and time to withdraw my $1,000 and they claim that the banks require more information about the clients that is getting withdraws and is on hold plus they claim that with all the terror attack that we will have to with for our withdraws. Red Flag #3 I had talked with Wells Fargo bank and they told me that the account holder was putting the hold on wires not them. I had talked with my bank and was told that something was wrong with the business because wires were made to be fast with the transaction being completed in less than 24 hours. Now Instant Option says that with all the new Forex laws that the deposits have to be more than $10,000 Red Flag #4……not true again according to my bank.
      Red Flag #5 they have no address no phone number no business license to talk of
      Red Flag #6 there seems to be only 2 people running this program, the name Sam Lawson and the Account Manager Rebecca Johnson neither are easy to get in contact with.
      Red Flag #7 the rule is that you can not re-value your account for 15 days after you request a withdraw but they did mine, not that I am complaining just pointing it out.
      They Claim that withdraws will start up soon but they just need more time.
      I do not think anybody will invest $10,000 but if you have that kind of money then buy some Stock instead as I feel this is not going to work out.
      Red Flag #8 their log in your back office about your trade activity seems to be a spread sheet and all trades seem to be done at 7am everyday. I have been tracking the trade number that they give me in my back office and notice this trade
      23-11-2015 07:00 EUR/AUD 186.604 put WIN
      23-11-2015 07:00 EUR/AUD 1.48145 call LOSE

      I hope this helps someone decide if this is something to invest in

    • Mike says:

      I can’t withdraw, its been 3 month so don’t.

  17. James says:

    I joined instant-options on an invitation a while back. I withdraw some cash after 30 days or so of trading but was told that the company is not accepting deposit nor withdrawal for the time being due to bank issues.

    Ruby, how much did your friend able to withdraw and did she show you proof of her withdrawal?

  18. Michael says:

    Instant Options is no longer accepting deposits or withdrawal requests. But I did notice that at the same time a new website started called AEONOptions which has the EXACT same webpage as instant options, with same wording. This does seem very odd and would stay well clear of both these sites.

  19. Crystal says:

    I am also skeptical. I was invited into Instant Options through a friend and family member. My friend made a request for withdraw which he never received. After more than one email trying to contact someone he was finally told they had a problem on their end and to request again. The 2nd request was just made within the past few days. So we will see if there is anything to it. I think is seems like a Ponzi scheme. There are no numbers to reach anyone. I emailed Rebecca Johnson three times before I even got a response. I emailed again twice and have yet to receive a response. This was just to request a password change which I was informed I can not do. However, under their FAQ they are several mentions of the My Account tab to make changes. There is no My Account section on the website at all. Very frustrating as I am new to this and do not know how to do this on my own or which companies are legitimate.

  20. Shannon says:

    I started my account and in less than 30 days, I’ve earned over $2000 on my initial investment. Honestly the withdrawal link on the page says “under construction” , therefore I’m quite skeptical at this point.

  21. Ruby says:

    I got introduced to Instant Options earlier this Oct. 2015, I have an account and I’m able to login to check on my trade winning and loss history. I’ve got a friend who received her first withdrawal on 15th Oct. 2015.

    • John Kane says:

      Show us how you are doing please Ruby.

    • James says:

      Did your friend show you any proof of payment on her withdrawal? Was she the one who invited you to the scheme?

    • Bette R. Rogers says:

      I question that! I “invested” in this scam company in September 2015…as quite a few that I know did. Supposedly, you could not withdraw funds for 30 days….after 30 days, on my account, it explained about withdrawing. ( told me what could be withdrawn, length of time, etc.). When I inquired, no response! Over and over and over! NO RESPONSE!!! During that first month after you invest that money, they make you think that everything is great! Online it “looks” favorable!! The “WITHDRAWAL METHOD” or whatever they call it has been UNDER CONSTRUCTION since last October (2015)….I was a total fool to fall for this or do it!! I am in the process of trying to report this so call company. I hope these people find their KARMA and they will!

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