Ice 9 Technology Review

ice-9-technologyIce 9 Technology is a new binary options software by Aaron Palmer and John Ferraday. They are promising us that with their Silicon Valley developed system traders can easily make $8700 a week. Again, we have a collection of binary options marketers making extreme promises.

Today I will be evaluating this product for anyone in the binary options community interested. My review will look at all the information presented by these developers so that we get the full picture.

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Ice 9 Technology Review

The sales page for the Ice 9 Technology consists of a YouTube video, some social testimonials and quite a few email subscription forms. At the bottom of the page we can see they have 2 versions available, the standard in the Pro. Both of these products look exactly the same except with the Pro version traders gain access to what they are referring to as a one-on-one webinar. I’m really not sure what that means but it seems as if the developers here are confused as to what it webinar is. A webinar is essentially an Internet-based seminar. These are recorded or streamed but they are never one-on-one in any way. If you click on the Pro version you are automatically upgraded for free. It really doesn’t seem like there’s any difference between these versions and it’s just a marketing tactic to make traders feel like they are getting something extra by registering.

There are no results for the Ice 9 Technology software so we have to depend solely on social testimonials. These testimonials come from Facebook and twitter. Considering this is the only way for us to determine whether or not this software is good, it’s very important that the producers of this product pass this test. Sadly, they do not. One of the great things about twitter is that it’s 100% public so we are able to search for these tweets to see if they even exist. They do not exist, and neither does the @ice9technology Twitter account, so all of these testimonials are made up.

I am not recommending Ice 9 Technology to any of the binary today readers. While this website looks professional, it’s just another free automated binary options software destined to lose your money. They provide us with no information about the strategy, no real trading proof and rely on a collection of testimonials they wrote themselves as a way to promote their product. I don’t believe that this development team is trustworthy and it would be best if we took a step back. Please let me know you think about the software by writing a comment below this article now. I appreciate the time you spend here at binary today and hope that you come back again soon.

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