Holiday Cash Bot Review

holiday-cash-botHoliday cash bot is another binary options trading system is promising to make traders over $93,000 per month. The producers of this product are telling us that 27 people will make over $1.2 million this holiday season on 99% autopilot.

Today I will review this binary options software and inform the binary today readers of its potential.

Holiday Cash Bot Review

The holiday Cash bot looks like another spin on the free binary options system. The website consists of large promises and in order to gain access traders have to register with a binary options broker. This is a common theme in the binary options market and one that often leads to disappointment. In the video on the front page the developer tells us that last holiday season his software made 27 people over $1.2 million. Yet, when I do a simple website search I can see that this website was registered less than one month ago on October 27th. Considering this website never existed last holiday season I don’t see how anyone could of made money using it.

In the holiday cash bot video the narrator tells us that he knows we used to seeing big-money claims, promising us mansions, fast cars and tons of cash. He goes on to say that “you and I both know that’s not going to happen.” Then, not even 10 seconds later he says that he can 100% guarantee that his software will earn traders from $45-$95,000 in 45 to 60 days. I hate to break the news to this developer but he’s contradicting himself in the same breath. After telling us that big-money claims are going to happen he makes a big-money claim of his own, it’s as if he’s confused.

Today I will not be recommending the holiday cash bot to the binary today reader base. It’s clear to me that the developer is unsure of what side of the fence he wants to be on. While he makes it sound like he’s against scams and get rich quick schemes he tells us the exact same statements out of the other side of his mouth. I will need to see more community feedback before I update my review and give this system a chance. If you have something you would like to add to the review please leave your commentary below the article now.

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