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Published on March 6th, 2014 | by John Kane


Binary Matrix Pro

binary matrix proBinary matrix Pro is a new binary options software that claims to have in 87% in the money rate in the past 583 trades. This software has a lot of backing from some of the biggest affiliates in the Forex in binary options market so I’m very interested to see what it’s all about and how it performs.

Today I’ll be taking a look at the system, reviewing it and allowing the binary today readers to leave their feedback.

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Binary Matrix Pro Review

There have been a multitude of binary options releases in the past two months but none have really caught my eye like the binary matrix Pro. The system boasts a lot of new features that hasn’t been fully explored in this market yet but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my concerns as well.

One of the main issues I have here is consistent with the problem I have had with free binary systems in the past. At first glance it looked like the binary matrix Pro was going to be a paid service but in actuality it is going to be another system that is given away for free with a broker sign-up.

Here are some of the features of the binary matrix Pro software that piqued my interest. The signals can be accessed via the web or as an app in the Google play store. The developers claim to provide over 700 signals a day with an accuracy rate of over 81%. Access to a personal account representative, telephone support and free SMS notifications. These are definitely things that we have not seen in the binary options market but that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a slam dunk.

Binary Matrix Pro Conclusion

At this point in time the binary matrix Pro is still not launched it will be available until the 11th of March so I will obviously have to revisit this in about a month’s time. In the meantime if you have something you would like to contribute about this highly anticipated program please leave your comments and thoughts below.

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I am a full time binary options trader. I was able to leave my job in the last 5 years and dedicate myself to trading fully. I never thought my hobby and passion would make a living for me but I am grateful every day that it has. My main goal now is to communicate with the binary trading community, contribute to different websites and learn from other traders.

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68 Responses to Binary Matrix Pro

  1. Kamrul Hasan says:

    I donot find the link, where is the link?

  2. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog
    that’s both educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something too few folks are speaking intelligently about.

    I’m very happy that I came across this during my hunt for something concerning this.

  3. maximus says:

    does anyone know what software is actually good I do not have to be rich few bucks a day is enough 100 or 150 euro’s

  4. maximus says:

    Hi gays I use this software for a week dam man this is shit the first hour much profit then it was crap I do not understand why these people do not get caught

  5. niagara says:

    I do not recommend this software.
    I have tried and already not use this software.
    Winning percentage is never more than loss. Even currently they develop multiple timeframe, but the result is the same. Still unreliable.

    One thing that I do not understand, when the signals indicate ‘put’, I noticed that the pair is, let say 1.5.
    This value is never decrease, and on the contrary always up.
    However, when time has passed, the system indicate winning trade (based on social network reported) is 80%. I do not believe this!

    Despite of that, I have never use this software anymore.

  6. wongie says:

    Who, with a brain, would want to trade 60 second binary option? You stand a better chance of flipping a coin for the signal to trade. The odds for this signal provider to give you the correct forecast is 50%. If you only get paid 70-85% then you can see why these brokers are laughing all the way to the bank.

    I advise you lots out there, take your money to the casino and play roulette and bet on red or black. At least that way you get 100% payout.

  7. Doug Erwin says:

    STAY AWAY!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!! I actually tried this software but I logged into a broker I use and trust. A put was called on EUS/USD for the 60 second trade. This software lets traders tell whether they win or lose the trade. I watched the chart on StockPair for the minute and it NEVER went down, as a matter of fact it moved higher for the entire 60 seconds. The trades reported after the trades closed was 84% won. How can 84% win on a put if the currency goes up the entire time??? These guys are slick and I think you should stay away.

  8. Ann says:

    I definitely think this is the most sophisticated, and cruel, scam I’ve seen so far because

    a) their whole marketing was based on “we know you’ve been scammed before but finally you’ve found a company you can trust and look, we have the verified proof to show you” and

    b) they flooded the net with fake reviews so that anyone searching would be hard-pressed to find anything negative.

    c) they keep sending emails designed to overcome people’s doubts and fears and have even faked videos to show them achieving win after win.

    I wonder how it feels to be so corrupt and deceitful? Or do they justify their actions by thinking “if people are so gullible as to fall for it, they deserve to be fleeced”.

    I wasn’t caught out, but only because I’d previously been caught out by Profit Partners so I was reluctant to open and fund yet another account. I’d be interested to know how many people they fooled with this and how much they’ve made out of it.

  9. Charles says:


  10. Charles says:

    RE. Binary Matrix Pro SCAM – John have you had a chance to now try out this rubbish and submit a review ?

    • John Kane says:

      No, I haven’t tried it. If you read some of the reviews it’s a good thing I didn’t because nobody has even gotten access to the software.

  11. stephen says:

    i am so glad i clicked on your YT video review, because i was almost at the point of signing up to this with money i cannot afford to lose, but i guess that I am the kind of target they are hunting.
    common sense was telling me that this couldn’t possibly be an easy way to get my financial problems sorted, but i couldn’t find a bad review until i saw the comments from your video.

    great work, this world needs more people like you…..thanks again

  12. Dave says:

    Similar experiences here with BMP… funded through their affiliate link, membership not activated. Several weeks on, support keeps telling me they are having technical issues, and problems identifying my payment. Once they have your affiliate commissions, they don’t need you any more. Another in a long string of frauds available at the moment.

    • John Kane says:

      That is so brutal Dave.

      I hope they sort it out, several weeks of support contact without a product is horrendous.

      • BobO says:


        With respect to your reply. I think you are missing the point.

        As proven by all these replies it is a scam, there is no product and there is NO support, only copy and paste emails if you are lucky.
        As we know if you randomly placed a call or put, you’d likely be right about 50% of the time and that is what this is, there is no product.

        Bob O

    • KK says:

      Had exactly the same problem with me, BMP is a scam. ” funded through their affiliate link, membership not activated. Several weeks on, support keeps telling me they are having technical issues, and problems identifying my payment.”
      But I am stubborn open another account and managed to get a link to their signal website, thought I am going to make some money :). But turn out the signal success rate is no where near what they claimed at 80%, more like 20-40%. When I cross check the signal success rate reported by thier so called community across 6 different broker account. I can safely said that they are fabricating the % success result reported.

      • John Kane says:

        To think this software was promoted by some of the biggest companies in the trading market, really scary.

  13. Lorca says:

    Good evening everybody,

    NEVER promise a signal provider, if he promises the big deal, millions of $, yachts and houses!

    NEVER trust a signal provider, if he offers his service just for free!

    He is not stupid, to do it! All these signal providers are affiliates of brokers and you can be sure: their services are free only if you open a NEW account with one of their “trusted brokers” but of course only through their campaign link and make a deposit there – and that’s the point, they will ONLY this and nothing else! After you did it, the signal provider (= affiliate) receives a fee from the broker firm. After that they send you every day 1000 signals if you want – but one of them is worse than the other.

    Another thing: For the broker it’s not good, if you win, because he earns money, if you lose!!! It means, that a broker will never be interested to work with really reputable signal providers together. The broker is not his own enemy – it’s so simple.

    Just one more thing: Don’t open an account on BeeOptions!!!!! I was trading there more than 6 months and won more than 4.000.-€. In January 2014 I requested the pay out of my whole money. At least I had to threaten them with collection firms and the Interpol until they payed out my money in 3 installments. I wrote them 3-4 emails every week and had to wait more than 8 weeks for my money. BeeOptions owes me also today 35.-€.. Their Sales Manager, Lee Cole wrote me yesterday, that they are unable to send me 35.-€, because the minimum transaction is 100.-€. GREAT! I wanted my money in one amount and not in 3 installments, but BeeOptions was unable to pay out 4.000.-€ – and this man wrote me now this impertinence.

    But on the website of BeeOptions your read: NO HASSLE WITHDRAWALS! GUARANTEED! Ha-ha-ha…

    I just asked myself: What happens to the traders, who have f.e. 20.000.-€ on their account and want to withdrawal it…?!

    Be very-very careful in choosing the right broker and go only to EU- or/and US-regulated brokers with good reviews!

    Sorry for my bad english… 🙁 – but I practice diligent.

  14. Charles says:

    This Comment is being made on Wednesday March 26th. 2014 -Re. Scammers Binary Matrix Pro
    This Email is to all the Contributors at – BINARYTODAY.COM

    Hello Every Contributor whose comments I have read re the above and latest SCAM. I feel sick
    to the stomach because I have experienced everything that you all have. I eventually received the
    Down-Load Link with which I had no download problem. I have had the unusual benefit of being able to use 2 of the Brokers that BMPro recommended and was able to compare the Results Claimed by BMPro with the ACTUAL Trading that I did with Recommended Broker 1 & Recommended Broker 2. The results were shocking and sickening. BMPro. Showed Wins, where the Brokers Showed Loss and Never did BMPro show a Lost where either Broker Showed a Win
    or Tie. Then to compound matters BMPro have now started to deliver ( just like ProfitIn60Seconds ) a Daily Video Diary which is Supposed to be Live. It is not Live it is a manufactured ‘Cherry-Picked ‘ Trades Video. I traded on Monday march 24th. and was able to identify the Trades executed in their Trade Video of Monday March 24th. 2014

    The Video and commentary and even the Trade Number(s) that BMPro identify
    as they falsely try to trick you into believing in the video. There are Trades between the Trade they call Trade Nr. 1 and Trade Nr.2 and so on. IF the video Diary were REAL the 80%+ result they claim would have been very different . It is also interesting to note that seeing the TIME on the Trades is very hard even when we zoomed in, but we were able to identify the Trades that BMPro executed by The Instruments and the Call or Put Status. Between their Trade 1 and Trade 2 there were in fact several other Trades which were ‘Losing Trades’, which I am sure that the ; just like me and many, many others took, but which they conveniently edited out of the video. [well acted Raul
    They then had the barefaced temerity at the end of The Video Diary claiming that the Win/Loss Ratio for the {faked Sequence Trades } was in excess of 80%. That was the case for their Manufactured Trades but the reality ; which I have on record , was around 43.71% a big difference from 80%+. Just like all of you, I had really hoped that this mob was different, I
    even fooled myself ; listening to the easy tones of their presenter ‘Raul’ , that they were different and had managed ; as they claim, to allow by clever algorithms a 75 second window between Signal Instruction and Trade Expiry. I tried everything including trading for 30Seconds in the 60 Second window also Trading for 120 Seconds from point of Signal notification. I even tried using their countdown clock and Trading 30 & 60 seconds around that clock. Absolutely NOTHING tried yielded anything better than 53.65% which as one commentator has already stated can be achieved guessing . It is a sad shame that such liars, cheats, scammers and con artists can still exist in what was once a preserve of Real Traders. I have; for what it is worth- I suppose nothing- reported my findings to both Broker / Platforms for them to take it up with their Compliance and BMPro.
    It seems that the useless and toothless regulators can do nothing, as is normal, they never can.
    They are there as window dressing to the industry but are toothless. I am not even sure if either Broker / Platform WILL do anything, after-all, they pay these fraudsters a fee for bring us to them and obviously get a cut of the losses we make trying to trade this trash. So the Broker cannot lose nor do The Scammers { only we do }, so I suppose the Brokers Tolerate the bad press on the basis that there will always be someone ready to try it. With regards to the forceful Broker Agent – well done for not caving in. They are just chasing New Client Account Commission. They really could not give a damn about you or I . So very, very sad to say to everyone that BINARY MATRIX PRO is YET ANOTHER SCAM and I have the irrefutable evidence to prove it, so I too withdrew my remaining funds and closed my account.
    I long for the day when a REAL BINARY SOFTWARE PROVIDER is HONEST. If you John Kane or anyone else knows of one please let us all know.

    Charles March 26th. 2014

  15. Kerry Mcgruddy says:

    I was of course in my previous comment Binary Matrix Pro. Thanks

  16. Kerry Mcgruddy says:

    This I am afraid is a scam!!!!!!! What they have done is get signing commissions from the banks and left every one. The one I got landed with the banc de binary is in itself a crook ,hidden all their bad reviews 50 pages in .I have filled in all compliance issues .Can`t talk to them,they have had a salesman who works for the bank ring me twice trying to get me to trade with him.Straight con man.Twice we have ended talking that why can`t I get my money back 5,000.00 eur. and him saying he will fix it. I have been taken!!!! If anyone can help email me [email protected] Thanks for this forum and pass the word.Kerry.

  17. hibeekay says:

    Good day thanks all for your honest reviews i got lots of promotional mail from people and even matrix pro promoting this brand and almost went for it after loosing my money to the scammers called push button millionaire that is actually the worst system or software ever created. please before anyone starts anything try making proper research so you would not have to part with your money. even rthe web is full of same mind people when you try to search for their credibility on google you just see affiliates telling you how good they are and they are all scams.

  18. Elliott says:

    It took me a week to finally find this web site and thread about Binary Matrix Pro. It is exactly the type of feedback I’ve been searching for. I even called the SEC last week to see if they had any info on any of the brokers listed as ‘preferred’ by BMP. None of the five brokers that I had seen listed on the website were registered with the SEC and none of the five (I only saw five in my attempts) were U.S. based either. What’s more, the SEC rep I was speaking with directed me to an advisory on the SEC’s web site alerting to illegal, deceptive and fraudulent activity cited in numerous binary options trading scams (including Banc De Binary which was not registered with the SEC, yet continued to illegally conduct trading with U.S. customers). Anyway, if John Kane or anyone else reading this knows of a bona fide and profitable way to trade in binary options, I would LOVE to learn more about it. I’m new to this, but already see what a dangerous place the internet can be. Thanks

  19. Demetrios says:

    at last I managed to enter on the web platform of BMP and trade since Tuesday. The results nowere near the 8 to 10. at first I had some luky winnings but yesterday and today I had more losing than winning. I ask the binary broker for a withdrawal of the money left in my account and I wait to sew if they will return my money.

  20. BobO says:


    It has been very difficult finding ‘honesdt reviews’ as the whole web seems swamped by affiliate review sites, so I was very pleased to find this thread. I did find a couple of very negative reviews on Donna Forex, who as most of you know has a very honest reputation. 2 users were either getting less than 50%, which like flipping a coin and another who had virtually blown their account. Donna originally helped support users of the original FAPTurbo until it was revealed for what it was, another sham EA. She distanced herself from helping out FABTurbo early on. So if FAPTurbo were in any way inviolved with this marketing launch, I would have run a mile. It was very convincing, How can you really have a technology that can filter out the noise on a 60 second trade and deliver over 80% success rate, deep down I knew this must be a con, but I still went ahead and tied to download the software. The manadatory brokers that pop up recycle in pairs and so I spent an hour or so recycling these brokers and double checking review and I agree, many of them had bad comments in various forums. I eventually chode Interactive Options because they seem to be regulated and seemed to be backed by middle east money. After I clicked on the link and entered my card info, my card kept being rejected. I was just about to call it day, when the broker being quick off the mark called on the telephone and said we could complete the card security on the phone, but then when on to try and get me to up my deposit in a very assertive manner. I told him I did not like this approach and that I had now decided to cancel the transaction, he then backed off and we did complete the deosit for the minimum balance of $250. The problem then started as because of this manual intervention I could not get the link to download the software. Cut a long story short (apologies) over 6 emails between Wednesday and Friday, where I was getting a standard reply email from so called support, it became obvious that no one was actually reading my emails. On Friday I did get a link sent me again which still rejected my logon. There was a window where you can request a rep (very nice stock model shot of the support team), but no one ever called me and eventually the email replies dried up. As for the socialising of results, this was the intriguing feature that was obviously designed to catch us all out, even if you were a bit suspicous of the 80% success rate.I am afraid this looks like a very elaborate marketing and IT fraud to me to relieve us of our hard earned cash. I’m not sure I’ll get back my money from Iteractive Option, but I’ll try and put this down to experience. I just wanted to warn everyone off really so no one else on this forum at least would lose out. To rub slat in the wound, I’m still getting promotional emails most days 🙁

    • DeMarco Brooks says:

      Thanks for the update, BobO. I had my suspicions of BMP as well. The so social performance community doesn’t display the initial or expiry rates of each trade which indicated a sham to me from the start.

      As for your deposit, (And someone else can verify if what I’m saying is right and can be done) if Interactive Options don’t give you your deposit back, I believe you can issue a chargeback perhaps by calling Visa, MasterCard, or whatever’s on the back of your card.

  21. Demetrios says:

    I join them last Tuesday. I still wait for the softwear to work. They still have a problem.

  22. Anna says:

    Hi, I need to put experience with BMP. My trades are loosing, and I cant get a suport. Propably I will not usig it.

  23. greg says:

    Mr Kane,

    Binary options bullet? I’d like more detailed info on your recommended software; to what detail will the signals explain the trade to be placed? Projected win %, the option, the duration of trade, call/put, and please if the software is accurate to the % claimed; explain any additional knowledge a novice trader like myself might need.


  24. Lisa says:

    Those of you wanting the list of brokers for Binary Matrix Pro, please let me know what your email addresses are, and I’ll gladly forward you the information!


    • Mike says:

      Perhaps like a lot of folks, I thought they BMP was only recommending “Bee Options Broker”.
      I was not aware of any other broker recommendations by them.
      Thanking you in advance of your list, Mike Colby…[email protected]
      ..and thanking you for putting the important questions to BMP!.
      Perhaps I also shall “wait and see and hear” results from others before I get gung ho
      and partake of this venture with BMP. Like John Wayne said to Ron Howard …..(in the movie THE SHOOTIST)…

    • Sebastian Nai says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Can you please email me the list of brokers? Is BMP reliable, i read the forum some say good and some say bad, i totally confuse. Please help.

      Best Regards,

  25. Ann says:

    Perhaps the technical problem will persist until all the new members have had time to deposit their funds in their new brokerage accounts! Then, perhaps, the system will be so overloaded with new members that it crashes and takes weeks/months to fix until finally everyone gives up. And since noone has paid anything for the signals, there’s no comeback.

    Will be absolutely delighted to eat humble pie if I’m wrong.

  26. Derek says:

    Their technical problem on the launch could be a legitimate problem. But very interested in seeing how it goes for you. Let us know how it goes John.

  27. John says:

    I signed with them yesterday.
    They have more than a dozen brokers. If you keep putting their name in the URL and hit enter each time you do this you will get a different broker.
    I opened up an account with option bee which I thought were very professional but when I tried to get my software from binary matrix pro a pop up box kept telling me I did not fund my account which I did now after 72 hours I finally heard from binary matrix pro telling me they have technical problems they are working on, so I still did not get their software yet this is not a good way for them to start off.

  28. Dave says:

    Glad I found this discussion. I’m intrigued about Binary Matrix Pro because it’s being promoted by FapTurbo, and I thought they were reputable…but nowhere (as of yet) have I found any independent reviews from actual users who have had positive results. I’ll keep checking this thread, as it seems you all are searching for this evidence as well before giving this a shot. If I find anything seemingly definitive (good or bad) I’ll post it here.

  29. victor says:

    i was sort of happy about the hype for the software but when i found out they want me to register to a particular broker, the whole excitement waned off. i only have to wait to see other users review the signals

  30. Ann says:

    If you get a reply, Lisa, I think I know what they’ll say because it was touched on in one of their videos. He said something about making sure people were using a broad selection of brokers to prevent liquidity problems if too many traders were all trading in the same direction on any particular equity pair.

    Whilst that made sense to me, at the time I didn’t take it to mean it would be mandatory to open an account through their affiliate link. I just naively thought you might have to tell them the name of your brokerage to ensure a broad mix.

    In the signals statistics at there are currently over 34,300 signals listed with the number of signal recipients, trades reported and trade outcomes reported, showing the % of traders who had won and lost on each signal.

    I’ve never traded 60 second options myself so I don’t know for certain but surely in over 34,300 signals there should be at least ONE where from the moment the signal was issued, the price kept moving in the direction of the trade for the next 2-3 minutes, meaning that every person who took the trade would be a winner (or a loser), regardless of which platform they were using. Yet in over 34,300 signals there is not ONE case where 100% of traders got the same result. And yes, I have just spent several minutes of my life that I’ll never get back searching every page of the results for the number “100”.

    To me, REAL proof of results would be screen video recordings of some of these beta testers logging into their brokerage accounts showing their trade history and performance.

    • Lisa says:

      BMP actually did respond to me via email, and it’s just as we thought – you must sign up with one of their recommended brokers to access the software, period. They did, however, provide me with a complete list of every broker they are recommending, so there are several to choose from besides the one or two the link provides from within the original email. If anyone would like the list of the brokers, let me know…as I don’t think I’ll be testing this software without reading some actual feedback first.

      • kathryn says:

        Hi Lisa could you email me the list of brokers for using with binarymatrixpro. Thanks for your research. I am also interested to see how this software performs.kathryn

        • Lisa says:

          Complete list of recommended brokers for BMP: The first list of brokers accepts US Traders.

          United Options
          Platinum Trader
          Cedar Finance

          Option Fair
          Option Rally
          Trade Quicker
          Interactive Option
          Banc De Binary

      • Claude says:

        Lisa, I would like to see the list of recommended brokers for BMP.
        thanks in advance

  31. Ann says:

    Yes, alarm bells ringing here too. On the sign-up page I was directed to the only broker offered was Banc de Binary and I already have an account with them (I was conned into opening it by Profit Partners which you reviewed on this site and is the reason I found you). Maybe they send you to a particular broker depending on your location (UK for me).

    In my opinion, if they were genuine they wouldn’t insist you open a brokerage account before gaining access to the signals.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree, Ann. I actually sent them an email asking WHY we have to use one of their recommended brokers if they are going to charge $ for signals anyway. We’ll see what they have to say, if I get a reply at all.

      • Demetrios says:

        I too try to join them but as I already am registered to Bankn De Binary I send them an email saying that I already trading with BDB. They answere and send some more Brokers to join. I join one I think is Ok. Then I dpownload the system but it does not woek. I let them know and they answere saying that they are experiancing some problem and try to fix them. Tilll now it does not work. If I manage to enter the system I will come back.

  32. DeMarco Brooks says:

    Hey John,

    I wanted to post here what I found so far. It appears after you input your name and email you’re sent to the page with steps leading up to the BinaryMatrixPro software. Within those steps, you have to register and FUND with of their recommended brokers: Platinum Trader or GTOptions. I don’t know if these brokers are to be trusted for I haven’t researched them yet. Looks like they’re not so different from push button millionaire or profit sensation. Hope, it’s not the case.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi all….I just received the email as well, and yet again….no access to the software without funding an account with one of their recommended brokers. The ones that are on my list are OptionNow and Bloombex…two different brokers then what they presented DeMarco with. Seems too much like the other bad software out there.

      I’ll wait and see what everyone else has to say about this software, but I don’t think i’ll test it myself. I can tell anyone reading this to stay away from GOptions if they are one of the brokers recommended from them. It’s been 2 months, I still can’t get my account verified after sending my documents multiple times, and they still have my money.

  33. anthony says:

    please is cititrader trusted and have you withdrawn money from them without hassles

  34. anthony says:

    binary matrixpro has been released today but the two brokers the recommed have user negative complaints on many sites especially banc de binary,please john,am scrared binary matrix pro is scam

    • John Kane says:

      Anthony, if you’re scared don’t do it. Nobody says you have to be the first one to test this system. Let’s wait and see what the community has to say about this before we jump in with both feet.

    • Glyn says:

      I signed up for the Matrix Pro software yesterday and the whole sign up process was inconsistent particularly with downloading the software which would not run on either my MAC or PC and I couldn’t get the web version working either. I tried contacting some of their mentors and none of the forms on any of their websites work so no help could be contacted. I have sent two emails outlining problems but have not heard anything. I also searched the net for information on the verification company and could not find any info on them, so for all I know they may be verifying themselves. I eventually downloaded the ANdroid version of the software and traded through GTOptions.GTOptions dont provide access to all the pairs signalled by Matrix Pro so you are paying (only 1cent) for signals that can not be traded through some brokers at least, and the minimum amount that can be traded on 60 seconds with GTOptions is £20 for a return of £34. I lost 2 and won 1 but my balance dropped to £224? Not sure why because their account history does not show a history. Not yet heard back from anyone at Matrix Pro so like all the others talk is cheap and if you want support don’t rely on it from these guys.

      • Boneta Roberts says:

        Hi I signed up for binary matrix pro and cant get any help now I have an account opened at banc de binary and my money’s just sitting there because I don’t understand what to do can someone please help

  35. Ann says:

    I watched the webinar with great interest too and also a video they have on YouTube for JV partners with details of the potential earnings for affiliates.

    From this I learned that they are definitely going to be providing links to recommended brokers but I got the impression you’ll still be able to sign up without opening a brokerage account because either way, you still have to pay for the signals as Lisa said above.

    At $5 per 500 signals that’s going to be a cost of around $5 per trading day because they seem to generate around 500 signals per day. So that will work out at about $100 monthly for 20 trading days a month. IF their results are genuinely as shown on the website it’s still a bargain.

    What does make me wonder is that of the 650 or so beta testers, in the video of the social proof there seems to be more than 400 of them actively trading at any one time which seems unlikely. It also seems unlikely that of the 650 none of them has posted a word about their experiences on the net so far. I’m sure had I been a beta tester getting results like that I’d have been shouting it from the rooftops!

    But, needless to say I’d love to believe it’s all true. We’ll soon find out.

  36. Lisa says:

    From the webinar I listened in on, you actually have to pay per signal. From memory, the signals are 1 cent each, or you can purchase different “credits” as they were called. So, 500 signals for $5.00, etc. They have an entire payment option on the backside of their platform which is shown in the webinar. I’ll be curious to see what others have to say about this software.

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