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hoffman-steinHoffman Stein capital is a new secret binary options software that apparently made its developer over $1.2 million. Considering the system is being promoted by some of the most unscrupulous affiliate marketers in the binary options market I find it very hard to believe that this is a well-kept secret.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if I believe that any of the aggressive promises being made have any chance of being fulfilled.

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Hoffman Stein Review

The Hoffman Stein website consists of a YouTube video, an email subscription form and a few short testimonials. This is the normal binary options sales page layout. The video starts off by telling us that their software takes a short 3 minutes to set up and then it will passively start making you hundred and $25,000 a week. The developers of the system promise that if you have any kind of debts they will immediately be gone within a couple of hours because of the profits generated by the system. The video continues to make promises as we are told within the next few hours we can own a luxury mansion and a Lamborghini sports car. The video is using lifestyle marketing tactics which I really don’t approve of. Their goal is to put so many shiny things in front of us that we get distracted and don’t see the bigger picture.

As the Hoffman Stein video continues I feel there is a real lack of hard evidence. We are shown a couple of different screenshots, bank accounts and testimonials but none of these provide sufficient proof that this binary options software works. Like most binary options videos, we are led to believe that at some point in the video a secret is going to be revealed but it never is. Instead we are teased with more luxury items and promises of riches.

At this point in time I will not be recommending Hoffman Stein to any of the binary today readers. I really don’t see anything tangible on this website that indicates to me that this is a worthwhile binary options investment. I feel like this website is built to suck in a few people that are trying to get rich quickly and that’s not the approach I recommend here at binary today. Thanks for stopping in, please let me know what you think about my review and the service by leaving comments below the article now.

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