Dual Robot

dual-robotDual Robot is a new binary options software that’s guaranteeing traders that they can make $10,000 in the next 30 days using their 100% free automatic trading robot. The people behind the software claim that the system can be used by any level of trader, even beginners.

Today I’ll be taking a close look at this robot to see if it offers anything unique or worthwhile. Systems like these are often based on flipping a coin, which is something we are always trying to stay away from here at binary today.

Dual Robot Review

thought bubbleThe Dual Robot website does not provide us with any substantial information about the system. There is a video, a few testimonials and some bullet points. We are told that this system is created by Forex trader who became a millionaire and is now offering a success rate of 89.7%. As is often the case, there is no actual proof on the website that can attest to these numbers. You would think that if the developer came up with an 89.7% figure that there would have to be data somewhere to validate this claim. Yet, I’ve gone through the entire webpage and there are no results, no calculations and no spreadsheets. It’s as if this accuracy number popped into a thought bubble and was grabbed out of the sky. That’s obviously concerning.

In doing some quick research, it’s quite apparent that the Dual Robot software is actually a white label solution. Basically, what this means is that anyone can purchase the automated robot, a logo on it and then start promoting it to the public. There are multiple problems with this approach. The first, is the fact that the robots using this white label platform are failing miserably. After a problem like that, I don’t see why any other issue would even be required but I’ll give you another one. The 2nd problem is that we are told this system was developed by Forex millionaire but that’s not the case. It was developed by some affiliate marketers looking to resell the system to anyone interested in taking advantage of the binary options public.


I think you know by now where I stand when it comes to the Dual Robot. If you even glimpsed at the first 2 paragraphs I wrote you would realize that I cannot recommend the Dual Robot to any of the binary today readers. There are a handful of reasons why believe this system will fail but my main issue with any binary options developer like this is the fact that they don’t provide us with any transparency. I don’t see how any smart investor could sign up for a trading system or investment opportunity without any proof. These developers throw numbers at us like we are supposed to just eat them up and not question their legitimacy. Well, today I’m questioning it and I’m not standing for it.

I appreciate the time you spend here at binary today learning about real binary options trading strategies and software that works. As you probably know by now, I’ve been working on a 5 minute expiry time strategy that’s going to shock the binary options marketplace. This strategy is the most useful signal generating system that I’ve ever seen. So, look out for the launch of this 5 minute binary options system in the next couple of weeks as it’s just about ready to hit the shelves.
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