Dollars All Day Review

dollars-all-dayDollars All Day is a new binary options application built to help traders make over $100,000 on a $250 deposit. This software is built to trade automatically without any help and thus it works with no prior experience or education.

Today I’ll be reviewing this system so that the Binary Today readers know if it’s a reliable tool that can be trusted or not.

Dollars All Day Review

The dollars all day developers tell us that over 1000 people sent in video testimonials. In the first 3 or 4 videos the clients mention the product name but after that, they are all extremely vague and don’t really provide very much insight. I’m unsure if these testimonials are legitimate because to my knowledge this software was just released today. If thousands of people are using this system then there would be much more information on Google about it. As of right now there is little to no discussion about this binary options software so this page will act as a place for people to leave their opinions.

The creator of the dollars all day system tells us that he was in a very difficult situation. He was broke, had to payoff his student loan and when he went online to look for a solution he fell for the hype and the online riches he was promised didn’t pan out. He felt embarrassed and betrayed by the binary options products that promised him the world and didn’t come through. He decided that he would leave university and pursue his own business, but none of the people in his life were supportive. They told him that he should give up and that his endeavors were never going to work. After three years of working online, he was broke, confused and about to give up. Then, he decided to “run a small test campaign” and made over $1,200 in one night. He never explains to us what a test campaign is and how he came up with a binary options product.

Today I won’t be recommending Dollars All Day to the binary today readers. This product does not meet my requirements. While the results look impressive, they can’t be verified and there’s no discussion about the strategy behind this system. There’s really just a short story that I explained to you above, and I’m not interested in basing my investment decisions on a short narrated video. If you have used this system or you just want to let me know your thoughts about it please leave a comment under the article now.

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