Cash Capital System

cash-capital-systemCash Capital System is a new binary options software promising to make traders $1,000 – $3,000 every single day of the week. The developer of the software is John Folcoa, a relative unknown in the binary market.

Can these promises be true this time? Today I’ll be providing a brief review and setting expectations exactly where they should be.

Cash Capital System Review

The story behind the Cash Capital System is very similar to the ones we’ve heard in the past, and that’s a problem. Like other binary options developers Falcoa tells us that him and his two friends, Bernard Sloan and Dominic Bruce are members of a secret group of Wall Street Mentors. The issue I have with this is simple, Wall Street has no impact on binary options traders and stock traders that try to stick their noses in this market always fail. I’ve seen it happen too many times. A stock trader things he’s a big shot so he released a binary options product. Two months later the product is abandoned, collecting dust and leaving hundreds of peoples accounts worse off.

cash-capital-resultsSo why should we trust the Cash Capital System and John Falcoa? I wish I had an answer. Maybe the answer lies in the promises? John tells us that the system provides traders with an 81% win rate but that’s not verified anywhere. There are no in-depth trading statements. This statistic can either be made up, or based on an untrustworthy metric they’ve made up. As I spend more time on the site, I come across more issues. With no results we have to rely on testimonials but the testimonials aren’t real, and they are clearly using paid actors for these as well. On top of that, the web-site claims to be featured on multiple publications including CNN and Market Watch. I’ve gone to both these sites and there is no reference to the Cash Capital System at all. It’s really starting to feel like this is a poorly put together get rich quick scheme. It shouldn’t be these easy to pick out all these lies, and it certainly doesn’t give me any confidence in what John is selling.

I am not recommending the Cash Capital System or anything else John Falcoa is standing behind. When we see promises like we see here it’s very simple to see that we are being manipulated. Luckily for us, this developer isn’t very tactful in his marketing strategies. The web-site comes across poorly and the promises are outrageous and unfounded. It’s easy to lean in the direction that I am today.

As for the next step, please leave your comments and remarks, even if they are harsh. I enjoy listening to the contributions of the binary today community and hope that you get the ball rolling soon.

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