tradobotTradobot is another new free binary options software. While the websites for these free binary options systems seem to get sharper and sharper over the last few weeks the product continues to suffer.

Today I will be providing a very short review because I don’t want to waste too much of your time talking about another free system (

Tradobot Review

The process to access the tradobot software is the same as any other binary options system before it. You have to sign up with their recommended broker and then you will have to get access to use their software. There is very little information on the website showing actual results of the system and online there is little to no discussion about the system being used profitably or otherwise.

I am very skeptical when it comes to systems like tradobot for one obvious reason. None of them have worked. Until one of these systems work there is no use for any of us to waste our time reading about them, looking at their videos and last and definitely not least signing up. Don’t waste your time or your money.

I know sometimes when I write reviews like this I seem harsh but I just want you to know that these free binary options systems like tradobot aren’t working. There are binary options strategies that are working and they are well documented on my website. I let the readers on binary today leave their comments about these products and you will find the comments on all of these free binary options are the same. People aren’t getting the software, and when they do get the software it drains their accounts within a couple of days. Some of our readers even claim that they put different the same software by different websites claim to provide different software.

Today I will not be recommending tradobot and I do recommend that you stay away from it. Until there is some sort of real proof that this works, like some of the binary today readers having success just stay away. It really looks like they’re just trying to focus into another free binary systems that can drain our accounts.


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