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Published on March 16th, 2020 | by John Kane


Broker Review: UB4Trade

Today I’m looking at a new binary options brokerage the just launched in March 2017, UB4Trade. The developers believe that they are set apart from the rest of the market because they are “the only options trading platform on the market that offers traders and investors three unique types of binary options to trade: Digital, Touch and Range.”

The broker is owned by Finatex Ltd. Located at Suite 6, 3rd Floor, 93-99 Mabgate, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS9 7DR, United Kingdom. To get in touch with support traders can either email or phone +41 4450 87387.

UB4Trade Review

The UB4Trade brokerages utilizing the most recent version of the Tradologic platform, which gives traders the options to close and extend trades. This is a trading function that’s very new to the market, and is not carried by the majority of binary options brokerages. Traders to take advantage of this can “close their options before the time of expiration or automatically extend the time of expiration after buying the option.” I haven’t tested this yet myself, but I assume that means if a trade looks like it’s going in the wrong direction you can extend the duration, in hopes that it returns to your favor. This could certainly be a helpful tool in increasing your ITM ratio.


There are 7 advantages that the UB4Trade team wants us to be aware of.

  • They provide a 100% welcome bonus.
  • The platform is very easy to use.
  • Personal account managers.
  • Payouts up to 89%.
  • Funds held at AAA rated banks.
  • Many payment and withdrawal methods.
  • Multilingual customer support.

Obviously, you will see many of these features with other brokerages as well, but it’s important for us to put forward what UB4Trade has to offer as that’s the entire purpose of this review.

Account Managers

As is the case with any binary options broker, I do not recommend taking advantage of account managers. I have a handful of different account management articles, and all of them warn of the potential pitfalls associated with these types of services. As far as I’m concerned, professional traders are likely to continue being professional traders and not sign themselves on with binary options brokers to help other traders.

There is a concept in Western culture where teachers become teachers when they can no longer compete in their respective markets. The same can be said in this case. If a trader is truly successful, they wouldn’t need to take a job at a binary options broker.

So, no matter what broker it is, be very careful with account managers because they are not the cream of the crop.


I have not started trading with the UB4Trade broker, but I am interested in the new Tradologic platform they are using and live expiration adjustment features. If you are looking for new binary options brokerage I suggest that you check out my list here of the top rated by the Binary Today community.

Please let me know if you’ve used this broker, or if you just have anything you would like to add to the conversation. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to browse the rest of the website.






Ease of Use









  • 89% payouts


  • Not a popular service

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21 Responses to Broker Review: UB4Trade

  1. Heartbroken says:

    I’m facing the same problem as the above trader. My broker name is Michael Nail. The support@ubtrade replied to me that the broker is no longer part of UB4trade. He had traded my money for 3 months and now the profit till now i could not be withdraw. IT has been rejected for 1st withdrawal but i did not give up and try to request again. Hope i can get back my hard earned money. Mr Jack who called me for first time telling me that profit money can be withdrawn any time after all the money is your. But till now i did not get to see my money to be credited into my bank account. The standard reply from is YOUR MESSAGE WILL BE HANDLED SHORTLY AND WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. but till now no reply from them. Is just a system generated reply.

  2. John Hoeseb says:

    There is a website claiming that they can get the money back from the fraudulent brokers. However they want $700 deposit before they start the reversal process. Is that also another scam because as much as i want my money back, i do not want to lose more.

  3. Roger Fogg says:

    Hi John and readers of comments, I find that what is being said about ‘UB4Binary’ very interesting! This account manager Mr. Robert Young certainly gets around as he also worked for ‘Wait for i ‘’, also with offices in Leeds, UK.? And Yes I was severely Scammed by this company to the tune of +$10,000.00 on a managed account. It would appear that this Binary Broker ‘UB4Binary’ might well have changed their name not once but several times. The latest news I have is that B4Binary is that they are currently being investigated in Cyprus for fraud, perhaps that is the reason for the name change? I have been contacted by an investigator based in the USA who is currently involved with investigating them on behalf of people just like us who have been scammed by them. Do Not Trust Any Account Manager until he has proved himself or BETTER Still, ‘Only Trade Yourself’ Do not trust anyone.

  4. rich edwards says:

    John Kane are you Isaac Miller?

  5. Jane Smith says:

    I invested £250 ( minimum deposit and all I could afford) when they were called UBSOPTION in Jan 2017. They then , due to having my bank card details, cleared out my account without my authorisation. I was left with no money . Lies upon lies upon lies is all I have heard from them ( now called UB4TRADE ) . They then put my money into a long term trade from 25th April 17 to 31st August 17 whereby roughly £1200GBP has been lost and the account apparently has got £1751.00GBP ( seen by me on a screenshot ) in and I cannot withdraw this money ……. To be honest I could write a book about these people who have stolen and kept my money over the last nine months . If you got any sense do not go near this company. You will be out of pocket . You have been warned ….

    • Jane Smith says:

      I have had a few brokers / account managers in the last nine months :
      Mr William Greene ( he stole my money)
      Mr Adam Foster
      Mr Julian Silva and the latest one as of 05/09/2017 is
      Mr Victor Volkov

      • Jane Smith says:

        It would appear now that the next bloke to add to my list from UB4TRADE is now Mr Isaac Miller . I received an email from him today , 06/09/2017

    • John Kane says:

      Sorry to hear that Jane.

    • Wolfgang says:

      Hello Jane Smith,

      very interesting for me to read about your case. You have been in contact with ub4trade quite recently (august17). I invested at ub4trade (in april17). The borkerage changed to ub4trade Mr. Robert Young (VIP sen.accont manager said. I made the experience in mai 17 that he traded very successfully. However it was very complicated to withdraw money. In august he made some very big, long lasting trades until end of oct.17. (without asking me). The problem: I get no answer form Mr. Young any more. Do you get in contact with your broker? If 60% of the long lasting trades will end in the money I can be lucky. Do you make the experience that you no’t get you money back at the end? I want to leave ub4trade. Although Robert Young was very kind on the phone.

  6. John Hoeseb says:

    Mr. Isaac Miller of UB4trade also tricked into investing more $5000. My trading balance is now at $14 100. However when I requested $5000 back, there are only promises that I will get the money back in few business days. This is going on for about 6 weeks and I wonder whether I will see even a cent of that money. People should be very careful with this kind of brokers like at UB4trade.

    Mr. Miller has now disappeared. I have not hear from him in 2 months.

    • John Kane says:

      Sorry to hear that John.

    • Jane Smith says:

      Hello John Hoeseb
      Had an email today ( 06/09/2017 ) from guess who ?? a Mr Isaac Miller . So here’s another bloke to add to the list of many ….what is wrong with these people . It really does infuriate me

    • Wolfgang says:

      Hello John Hoeseb,

      so ub4trade still exists. They don’t accept any withdrawal? That is the experience I make. Very bad customer support, withdrawals always pending for a long time. Unil I resign.
      How do you get in contact with ub4trade now? Even the customer support is no more available.My VIP-trader was Robert Young

  7. Joerg Kampmann says:

    Thanks for the hint. As a physicist I am experimenting. I started with a really small investment of €250 (the minimum) … A certain Mr. Isaac Miller was assigned to me and he called me back recently. He tried to convince me – and I refused – to increase my investment to € 3000.00 — As I said I refused. And he started with the original fee. last Thursday he called me and told me that my investment have increased by €700. However I wanted my money back to my credit card.

    Now they refused to transfer my money back unless I gave them more information about my credit card, my residence, and my person. I refused to give that and now I am waiting whether they send my money back or not…. It seemed worthwhile for me to experiment a bit with the company and (!) the broker, Mr. Miller.

    I am hopeful to get my money back!

  8. Shelly2 says:

    That one feature is cool, but I don’t see anything else impressive about this broker.

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