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Published on November 10th, 2017 | by John Kane


Broker Review: Olsson Capital

Broker Review: Olsson Capital John Kane

Summary: It looks good at first glance, but many of the aspects they advertise aren't very impressive. They need to upgrade their market tools, and their education section greatly.


Today I’m continuing to analyze binary options brokers that are looking to provide traders with a new platform, Olsson Capital. This broker advertises its services as “CFD and Crypto currency trading that is easy, powerful and profitable.” The vendors constantly pursed the concepts of easy, reliable and supportive throughout the website because they want traders to feel at ease with their services, and open an account.

The broker, which opened its doors in 2017 is owned and operated by Carter Enterprises OU, which is located at: Roosikrantsi tn 2-K326, Keslinna city district, Tallinn, Harju county, 10119, Estonia. Traders can get in touch with the support team by emailing [email protected], or calling +359 2 437 4364 from Bulgaria, or +44 203 936 2524 from the UK.

Olsson Capital Review

The people behind Olsson Capital tell us that they understand the trading is a serious activity, but they have done everything in their power to make it “incredibly easy to learn and use.” They boast about their educational content, which includes traders TV, a free e-book, the glossary and a frequently asked questions section. The traders TV section comes across as an incomplete resource. In this section, there is a total of 12 videos, and if you add them all up, it comes to about 30 minutes of viewing. If they truly want to help traders get a better understanding of how to trade, they should be providing much more than just 30 minutes.

The e-books are a little more complete, but I have to say that I was expecting a lot more from the Olsson trading Academy.


  • Type: CFD Broker
  • Established: 2017
  • Location: Estonia
  • Regulation: None

Seeing as this is a new broker, there is still very little in terms of client feedback. I’m hoping that this review will give traders the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences. Under the article, please tell us about the withdrawal process, or anything else you would like to share.

Trading Tools

Olsson Capital believes the traders should use their platform because they have some of the sharpest trading tools in the box. They tell us that they have a top-of-the-line economic calendar, daily market news the video and blog reports, as well as a social trading function. While the economic calendar and market news pages work, the social trading link just takes us to the front page of the website again. It’s possible that this function is not available yet, but if that’s the case they should be telling us so.

The economic calendar is average at best. Personally, if I’m using a calendar like this I would rather go to Forex factory. As for the market analysis, this is underwhelming as well. This section is quite barren, with very few updates, many skipped days and the updates themselves aren’t as helpful as I would like.


While I still have interest in the Olsson Capital brokerage, I do find myself somewhat unhappy with what this broker is putting forward to the community. There are quite a few promises on the front page of the website that tell us they have top-of-the-line market analysis, trading tools and education. Yet, when I look at each one of these sections, they do not live up to the hype. That doesn’t mean that the platform is slow, or the withdrawals don’t come so I’m not going to totally condemn the broker, but there isn’t anything that’s compelling me to sign up.

If you have anything you would like to add, please comment and tell us what you think about the job we’re doing here at Binary Today.

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38 Responses to Broker Review: Olsson Capital

  1. Nanda Vythelingum says:

    Olsson Capital is a fraudulent company. Please do not get involved with this company for any reason. Initially, I wired 50K USD to them with the agreement that they were gonna trade with it and pay me instantly. It seemed to good to be true and I was sweet-talked into it. They asked for my bank details and told me to download anydesk on my computer, where they shared my screen and can see all my accounts and take the money from these accounts. They stole a total of 193K USD from my accounts and compromised my personal information as well.

    They put me in a really terrible state at this time, I had to seek help from some specialist who helped me retrieve all my money asap from these basterds, reach them via support at 3dotmafia. com. I went through 6 analysts at olsson capital, all of them were super poor and their support can’t do anything cause they’re not even real. The traders don’t care if you lose a trade cause its all bout volume to them. I waited for good 5 weeks for a trader to call or email me before I began my move on them

  2. andy rawlings says:

    Please please don’t use this company.
    They operate illegally in the uk.
    Read what the FCA have stated.

  3. Caryn says:

    My relative has been scammed out of a significant amount of her retirement money but the crooks at Olsson Capital. Is there any recourse that we can take to recover these funds as it seems like even recovery companies are con artists. Has anyone successfully received their funds back or used a reputable company to assist with the process?



    I have lost 25000 usd in less than one month with the advises of 3 Traders from Olsson Capital
    I feel shame having believed in those people. they are liar and apparently bad trader as well.
    they name are Daniel Klein, Joe Levine and Gary Bradley supposed boss. MABE FAKE NAME?
    stuck with this bonus system , I could nt get my money withdrawed.
    so i kept doing trading with they advise. last one was 10000 dollars lost in few hours with the advice of Gary Bradley. My money remaining on this account is 1760 USD they told me this is bonus only.
    I sent a report to EUROPOL CYBER POLICE waiting a feed back don t expect to see my money again.

    • MANUEL GIMENEZ says:

      For all your testimony report to Europol website Cybercrime.

      the address of Olsson Capital is in Estonia.

      If they received different report they could be alerted.

  5. Thomas says:

    I also invested in this broker, Olsson Capital. They kept on asking me to deposit more money. Then when I refused, they stopped picking up my calls! After loosing more money to lawyers and what not, I was finally able to recover my money with the help of a professional. Lesson learn’t! I’m happy to share my experience. Feel free to reach me on tgermaine173 at gmaiI dot com

  6. Steve says:

    Total scam. And complete rip off. Liars and robbing basterds. You will lose your money. Avoid.

  7. Stuart Lee says:

    They are confirmed scam as i have lost all my money. Do not believe those positive comments about them as it most likely is posted by them using aliases. I invested US$10,000 and they added bonus after i made $5,000. Then when i requested to withdraw the profit, they stated that their policy is that after a Bonus is given, i must trade 30x of Capital+Bonus before withdrawal can be made. When i further made some more money, they added some more bonus. So you can see, they are using this Bonus scheme to ensure you will never be able to make any withdrawal.
    They are definitely a SCAM. I feel so angry but can’t do anything to take my money back as they are SCAMMERS who does not have human soul.

  8. andrew rawlings says:


  9. John says:

    They are complete shite hawks…….they haven’t a clue about trading… them a wide birth isn’t enough…..

  10. John says:


  11. Mike C says:

    My experience with Olsson Capital: Signed up after a mate told me about how fun CFDs are. Thought I’d give it a dabble and see what happens. Deposited some money and got a call off an account manager, I had a nice chat and came to the conclusion that I didn’t want any help, I was just here for fun. Had a few trades, lost a few 100pound. Then the market suddenly took a turn for the better, and before I knew it I was £500 up! Crazy how such little movements can make you so much! I haven’t been back on yet, but the £500 paid for my holiday to ibiza.

  12. Ted A says:

    CFDs are risky, so people might get salty about loosing. I am currently down, but I am still learning, so I will deffo recover!!

  13. Olsson Capital are a bunch of con artists who employ unscrupulous traders, namely Kevin Walton and Alexa Stone. They should be ashamed of themselves picking on decemnt working class people with no chance of getting our funds back. AVOID AT ALL COSTS…….BE WARNED…. If you are issued with a VIP Contact like this one BE WARNED it is all a con and a worthless piece of paper. Bullying tactics have traumatised my wife and we are very upset to say the least

  14. Kate says:

    These so called Olsson Capital out of the blue started calling me and sending me mails that I should complete registration with them and provide my crédit account details. I immediately smelled a rat and told them straight away that they were scam as I neither registrered with them nor heard about them before. They were so insisting and persistent but everytime I refused to give in.
    When I read how others have been tricked by these scamers, it seems they had hacked my personal information and details and used them to contact me.
    They kept calling me and sending me mails. Despite me blocking their phone calls, they would use a new local number. It was a night mare. They would insist I had registered with them. One day I asked the guy on the phone to let me know from with address I had registered and what time. He even tried to openly lie about it, starting a time I was at work with no access to even take a break for myself. Hen then kept me holding to let me know from which position I had registered, it seems he was tracking my position, then he told me an approximate position, starting where I was the time he was talking to me. So scary, really big time crooks!

    I thank God I never gave in to their pressure. I told them again and again that they were scamers. They left me alone only when I lost my temper and threatened to report them to authorities. I even told them what they were doing was illegal as under any circumstances, I am entitled to withdraw my registration, even they really meant I had registered on their website (which I by no means never did).
    Can anyone investigate and shut down these scamers? I would also advise those scamed to ask their crédit card investigators to investigate whatever money they have been robbed off as crédit card fraud. Good luck and please do take care out there. Olsson Capital are indeed scamers, but they are probably not the only scamers out there.

  15. Louis Yan says:


    You just CAN’T make any withdrawal from it. I made a withdrawal request in Dec, but over 2 months, I still haven’t had my money back.

    I invested in Bitcoin in the website, but the charge is absolutely high, ie. 5%. When I invested $100, the payout will show only around $95. And the most tricky way is, it will stop your position at 23:59:59 every day. So if you want to continue your position, you need to post another position, another 5%. So how can one be able to gain with a everyday 5% charge?

    And they never replied to your email.

    Also, there are so many tricky terms in the agreement.

  16. John Codd says:

    I have recently “invested” £2250 in Olsson Capital. I should have read the remarks made by your
    correspondents BEFORE I did this (STUPID ME !) However, I am trying to resolve the question lf whether my money will be a good investment or a poor one.
    Your correspondents seem to be split into two categories – one lot say they are satisfied (?) and
    the others usually use the word “scam”.
    But, they all agree that the company do really exist.

  17. Lucian says:


    Before assigning a young guy called Adam to advise on the trades and what to do, I asked him why isnt your company licensed? He answered me “You know these are marketing strategies our competitors do to diminish our role.” I, being on a director level of marketing and in the marketing field for 16 years found this answer bullshit and crap, It did not make any marketing sense to me. But I still invested and you can blame me for that.

    The young guy kept calling and emailing me literally 3 or 4 times a day since there was a “hot deal with guaranteed profits on the same night”. Earn $3000 or $4000 in 4 hours. Who wouldn’t do it ha?

    Initially I decided to take baby steps with this “Senior Analyst” who apparently is not senior not even an analyst. When this guy kept calling me asking me to invest with a guaranteed profit of 25 to 50% and it is a protected investment, I thought why not. I explicitly asked Adam, “if the trade loses, will I still get the money in my account and withdraw them any time. He said “YES OF COURSE!” I invested, specifically in Netflix that was on the rise. I asked him, “it is on the rise, why are we investing now?” He said “We have reports that show that the rise will keep going.” I wonder where these reports came from: just the next day the trade was all lost…

    From that moment, I talked to Adam he said all is fine. Money will be in my account again tomorrow. Money was there, but I cannot withdraw them. So the protection and withdrawal are two totally different things. I sent an email to this young non senior non analyst Adam that I am paying interest for the bank and want my money back. I called him, I called the call center, I sent him emails, I sent a request on the online chat… All of these attempts were done more than 10 times in 1 week with no answer. I copied the compliance, and the sales girl “Charlie” to see where this young non senior non analyst is, with no answer. Eventually, a guy called me and informed me that Adam, the casper, asked him to call me to sort my case because my account is negative.

    I am taking this legally. I did not work all of my life to secure Adam’s or anyone’s job.


  18. Mark says:

    Yeah, I’ve notice some initial backlash to the company – but there seems to be more and more positive reviews now? I’ve not had any problems with them, so they’ve either sorted themselves out, or the bots have stopped commenting negative stuff.

    Also I read they are in the process of getting licensed 🙂

  19. Gemma Peters says:

    I’ve had no problems with Olsson Capital and I’ve been able to withdraw my money when I wanted!
    I expected more from their educational materials though, but I did my research elsewhere before trading.

  20. Jack C says:

    I can’t see how this site is a scam??? I’ve deposited and withdrawn money a couple of times with no issues. They are quite rubbish at responding to emails yeah, but they have a phone number to contact as well. They need to see your card for anti-fraud measures, this is standard practice in the industry. If you read the KYC page it tells you to cover your card digits so there is literally no way they can take more money from you without your permission.

  21. june burgwyn says:

    i made a deposit to olsson caoital they took the money from my bank i paid with my Debit card and havn’t had any more contact from them the amount was £200 a foreign man phoned me and asked for £500 he said it was for softwear i didn’t have anymore money in my account and the bank blocked my card the man phoned me fromcapital 365 i dont know if they are a different commpany but i dont know what to do any help would be apprecited thankyou

  22. Dean says:

    Tried to make a withdrawal and they are asking for copies of my credit card (front and back), utility bill, and passport. Have contacted my bank’s fraud team who have blocked my card and temporarily “hidden” it as a precaution. They are concerned that I have been asked for a copy of the card as this is not usual.

  23. Cindy Smith says:

    well i made a withdrawal and my funds was paid into my Visa cars in 72 hours

    • John Kane says:

      This comment from Cindy Smith, and the other comment from Richard are coming from the same IP Address. This means that someone is trying to slide in positive comments from different alias’. Please very careful with Olsson Capital, considering this new information.

  24. Peter says:

    I have the same experience as Rune Nilsen. I first invested EU500 and the trader showed me how to trade and made EU300 profit and then he conned me into investing more money which unfortunately I did. I now have a total of EU12500 invested in Olsson Capital made so called profits what they call bonuses and when I requested to have my investment EU12500 paid back they said I signed a bonus document where I must trade 30 times or something like that. I feel sick because I think I am going to lose my £10000. Any suggestion would be appreciated to get my money back, I don’t want the profits just my investment?

  25. Rune Nilsen says:

    Same experience as Eva Schultz. They dont answering e-mails, and stop/block withdrawels, with the explination that bonus deal aint fullfilled, which i never have agreed to, confirmed, signed. Fraud it is. I will contact “Action Fraud” and send a report to the UK Police, as my contact in the company name himself as Robert Stiller, probably false. The site have lots of problems, and are not easy, as they tell. All rubbish!!

  26. Eva Schultz says:

    I did send 400€ to this Olsson before I was told that this is scam. I really want my 400€ back, but I don´t know how. and it wonders me, that they now won´t answer my emails. I am very sad about this, cause I unsed my saving for it. Can you tell me what to do in this case?

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