Broker Review: BCG Wealth Group (Avoid!)

BCG Wealth Group was established with the goal to deliver absolute and consistent returns to the investors, with the aim of preserving the purchasing power of the traders when it comes to global asset classes. BCG Wealth Group primarily deals with cryptocurrencies and helps to deliver a wealth management portfolio to the institutional investors. Their global wealth theories and strategies are adopted widely by fund managers, pension funds, high net worth individuals as well as family offices. Moreover, they also collaborate with skilled and highly trained fund managers with extensive experience to design a portfolio model for investors. Their postal address is 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE. They also have a telephone line as well as a fully functional website. BCG Wealth Group also has an annual global report. Most recently they have analyzed the year 2014 in terms of investment and the world market.

Electronic Trading (platform)

At BCG Wealth Group, they have a team of experienced professionals who have worked with the top interdealer brokers and market makers. They are managing the electronic desk at BCG Wealth Group. They are quite technologically advanced and their trading is quite efficient and robust. Moreover, they also provide the traders with customized pricing options for assets and also provide liquidity information. This electronic trading division is headed by Tim Rogers who has 20 years of financial market experience with a degree in finance and economics. Rogers also has work experience from Lehman brothers as well as from the U.S Equity Trading desk. This sounds quite promising for the new traders to be able to learn from such a figure and to have their trades overlooked by a professional trader.


BCG Wealth Group has a multi asset portfolio the traders can take full advantage of for their own investment purposes. It is able to provide them a choice for extensive diversification in the global markets, with greater returns with their highly structured portfolios. Moreover, there is also the possibility to choose your portfolio according to your level of risk tolerance. It matters whether you are young, risk-taker or if you are at the age to retire soon and want to have a robust financial plan to provide you with a steady flow of income in the coming years. As such, there are many different options for trading that are workable for different types of individuals.


This is a decentralized storage network which is able to turn the cloud storage in algorithm market. The market being run on block chain technology has a protocol token, which is known as the filecoins. These are the coins which the miners may earn when they provide the storage options to the customers. The clients may also spend these filecoins to hire the miners for the purpose of storage as well as for the distribution of the data.

Chain Link

This is yet another secure blockchain middleware which has the purpose of connecting the smart contracts on the block chain technology by providing access to the important off-chain resources like the Web API’s, data feeds as well as the conventional bank account payments. This system revolves around the LINK token and the Link network.


The Ripple Transaction Protocol is a real time settlement system which is designed for the use of remittance, gross settlement as well as for currency exchange. It is used for replacing the age old system of swift money transfers. This system is quite beneficial for since it is fast and efficient. Moreover it uses the latest technology which is similar to Bitcoin.


This is also available at BCG Wealth Group and is a worldwide payment system. It is the world’s first decentralized digital currency being used and it works without having any single administrator or a central bank. It provides peer to peer transactions that can be easily done between users and without requiring any intermediary.


The BCG Wealth Group have strongly mentioned on their website that they are a strictly an asset management company who deal with the investment in cryptocurrencies. And this requires a high level of risk. They have clearly mentioned on their web page that the investors may lose some, or even all of their capital which they invest in cryptocurrency. As such it is not recommended to invest or to trade with an amount of funds which the trader cannot afford to lose. They have also mentioned that the traders must consider very carefully their own investment objectives, their level of experience and also what their risk tolerance level is, as the past performance does not necessarily affect the future performance and they do not have any liability to any entity or a person for any loss they suffer from the trade.

Contact details

BCG Wealth Group does mention their contact details on their website, where there is a full address given for their London office as well as their Denmark office. They have also mentioned their e-mail address as well as their contact number for the users if they have any queries.

Training material /Information

There is no training material or information available on their website from where a user may learn from. There are no articles, publications or any other material which a new trader can use to get educated on trading strategies.

Customer Support

There is no mention of any particular customer support options. All they have done is mentioned their address and their phone number along with their e-mail address.


The BCG Wealth Group is a dicey and unsafe platform that we here at Binary Today, do not recommend. There is however no information whether it is regulated by any authority and neither is there sufficient information about the company or customer support options. There are also quite a few negative reviews about this company on the internet and as such, whoever wants to trade with this company has to be very careful and they must do their checks before investing with them.

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