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blue-sky-binaryBlue sky binary claims to be the biggest results based binary options education and training community in the world. They tell us that over 14,000 traders 14 countries are using their technology. The developers of the software emailed me a few days ago asking me to take a closer look at their software some going to do just that.

Today I will be providing a review and letting the binary today community understand what this is all about and if it’s worthwhile for traders like us.

Blue Sky Binary Review

The blue sky binary developers provide 4 different solutions for binary options traders. There is the BSB membership which includes a dashboard and educational program. They claim that this is the highest yielding option for any trader. At $74.99 per month traders get access to escape rooms the provide investment recommendations and a dashboard that helps traders filter and identify trading opportunities. The dashboard itself goes for $74.99 per month so it really doesn’t make sense to order this on its own. The dashboard is a tool for binary options and Forex traders because it offers advanced indicators, trade recommendations and price level alerts alongside a news indicator.

The blue sky binary team also provide a signal service goes by the name of signal hive which is being sold for $50 per month. There are a handful of different systems traders can follow in order to receive signals. Here is a list of the systems: Turbo, Gekko 2.0, Curve, Xtreme, Core, Dive, Tiki, The_Key, Alpha1, El_Rey and The_Joker. These systems all seem to have trading records of around 6 months with in the money rates above 65%. I have not fully reviewed the credentials of this developer so I cannot claim that the signal hive service is proven but it certainly something I’m interested in because of the professional nature of the webpage. It seems that the blue sky binary team also have a BSB auto trader which is being sold for hundred dollars per month in conjunction with signal push. This product uses expiry is of 5-15 minutes.

I won’t be providing a full recommendation for the blue sky binary software until I test it out myself. That being said, I’m quite impressed by the website they put together and hope that I can talk to them further to learn more about their trading approach. If you have use the software please let me know by leaving your comments and questions below the article now. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that you have a great week of trading ahead.

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