Binary Software Review: One Touch Trade

One Touch Trade is a new automated binary options trading software promising to offer traders the most advanced trading algorithms on the market. The developer of the software is Jeffrey Peterson. According to Peterson, the software will make traders over $2000 a day for free.

Today this product is going under a full analysis and review to ensure that the binary options market makes the right consumer decisions.

OneTouch Trader Review

One of the first things we have to analyze is the reputation of Jeffrey Peterson and the Investment Institute Gold Campbell Limited which is referenced multiple times in the One Touch Trade sales presentation. After very little research it’s quite apparent that neither Peterson or the Institute are real entities. By browsing through Google you can quickly see that there is no Jeffrey Peterson in the binary options marketplace and that there is no company called the Investment Institute Gold Campbell Limited.

What’s the Point?

In the binary options market affiliate marketers create names like Jeffrey Peterson every single day in order to create story lines and promote products like OneTouch Trade. The issue with their approach is that these discrepancies are extremely easy to identify. This makes it easy for more experienced traders like myself to figure out which binary options systems can be trusted in short order. However, there are obviously hundreds if not thousands of binary options traders falling for these poorly put together sales presentations on a monthly basis. That’s why these terrible products keep popping up.

In this case, Peterson tells us that he’s made over $750,000 in the past year. He even shows us a bank account statement showing that $750,000. Yet, this really doesn’t add up because at some point he would have to spend some of that money to pay for the lavish household that he’s showing us in the sales video. Don’t always believe what you see, especially in this market.

Trading Proof

As is often the case with poorly put together systems like the OneTouch Trade, there is no real trading proof. Peterson doesn’t provide us with a trading statement or any history of trades. Instead, he relies on clearly fake testimonials. The testimonials show traders like Anna would who have turned an initial deposit of $250 into over $24,000. Yet, we never see any of the trades or anything really to verify that these results are true. What we do see are images that can be purchased online, thus proving the testimonials are faked.


Jeffrey Peterson or whoever the people are behind the OneTouch Trade software don’t have your best interests at heart. It’s very clear that this is a binary options scam trying to take advantage of new traders in this community. Automated systems like these are the scourge of the binary options market and they need to be avoided at all costs.

I recommend that you spend more time here on binary today understanding what real traders due to find success in this marketplace. Take a look through the large binary options income report series to learn what works for the Binary Today reader. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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