Binary Alpha Trader Review

binary-alpha-traderBinary Alpha Trader is a new automated binary options trading software built to trade computer generated signals provided by trading indicators. According to the developers of this system their software contains the “leading trading systems”, methods and strategies but they don’t give us any actual details.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software and determining how viable it is for the binary options community.

Binary Alpha Trader Review

The Binary Alpha Trader sales page consists of a video, an email subscription form and a bunch of testimonials. The story behind the system is that this application is actually used by banks and hedge funds and now it’s available to the public. We’ve certainly heard versions of this story many times before. The problem with the video is that it never goes into detail or proves any of the claims.

In doing some quick research on the Binary Alpha Trader I can see that one of the testimonials is a guy that I recognize. He looks like a cheap man’s version of Jason Sudeikis and he’s provided a handful of testimonials for other trading systems. In each testimonial he has a different name and tells us that whatever system he’s using is very successful. Considering this developer is using fake testimonials it’s pretty much impossible for us to trust him. Generally binary marketers will go onto and find testimonial actors for their products. What bothers me about this is that they don’t have to lie to us. If binary developers just gave us some insight into there strategy and a couple months results we would be interested. Yet, they continue to go this route and I believe it’s because their systems have no strategy or legs to stand on.

Today I cannot recommend the Binary Alpha Trader system. It’s just too difficult for me to get behind a system that uses fake testimonial actors. It’s a red flag and I really only need one to avoid a binary software. If you want to contribute to this review I would appreciate hearing your thoughts below. As always you can talk about whatever you like just try to keep it on topic. Thanks for coming to Binary Today and have a great weekend.

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