Binary Alpha Review

binary-alphaBinary alpha is a 60 second binary options system focused on profitable, logical trading. The developer of the system is Kazi Noor, and his primary means of promotion for this trading system is YouTube videos. Kazi is consistently adding new material to a strategy in hopes that it will provide traders with a long-term trading solution.

Today I’ll be reviewing the system and giving the community a place to discuss its potential and whether or not it’s worth the $97 price tag.

Binary Alpha Review

As mentioned above the binary alpha system is built to provide traders with quick 60 second expiry trades. It’s clear that English is not Kazi’s first language so his videos are little difficult to understand and slow-moving at times. Yet, I will surely give them credit for providing an actual strategy and going into specific details to explain the logic behind his system and have traders to take advantage of it. As of right now, Kazi is providing over 20 videos to help traders understand the indicator, money management and advanced details about the trading logic. It is rare in this market for product producers to be this detailed, it makes me more interested than I normally am. Kazi is also providing a live class that starts January 15th.

Kazi tells us that most if not all of the funds earned by binary off he go to the education of orphaned children. I don’t see any proof of this but if this is what he is doing I’m certainly impressed with that endeavor. The only issue I have with this system, and it’s one that I would have with any developer, is the usage of a 60 second expiry time strategy. While I want to give Kazi the benefit of the doubt it’s very difficult for me to believe that any 60 second strategy will work for more than just a couple of days. I find the 60 second expiry time to to be very dangerous and too short a time frame to truly analyze and predict market movement.

I won’t be recommending Binary Alpha today but it’s certainly a system that I would like to test myself. At $97 it isn’t overly expensive but the videos are little difficult to understand. I really appreciate the approach as he is taking I’m just unsure if I’m willing to give 60 second binary options a chance. Please let me know what you think about the strategy and if you’ve used it I would appreciate it if you leave a comment with your experiences. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that this week is a very successful one for you.

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