BinaDroid by Troy Everett Review

binadroidBinaDroid is a new binary options trading robot by Troy Everett. Troy tells us that his system is winning almost 90% of its trades and is making private traders and institutions tens of thousands of dollars on a daily basis. Grand promises are not something new in this market, hopefully this product comes with some follow through.

Today I’ll be providing a review so the binary today readers understand if this is a program we can trust or one that we should be more weary of.

BinaDroid Review

The BinaDroid website is a short video and email subscription form that redirects traders to the members area where they have to register with a binary options brokerage. The story behind the program is simple. The developer, Everett, was working for an investment company and developed a profitable strategy using social trading platforms. His entire system use the android platform in order to be successful. Although after some time, he discovered his app was being sold to other companies for big money so he left and took the application with him. Normally when you develop a program for an investment company or any company for that matter they retain the rights to the system, so it’s hard to believe Everett just took the application and walked off into the sunset.

In doing some research on Troy Everett, the supposed creator of BinaDroid, I’ve come across some interesting information. It turns out that the person we see in the video is actually a testimonial actor the can be purchased for $5 on the popular freelance website Fiverr. This same actor was used in a similar role when he played Patrick Quinn for the promotion of Spectre System. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this software is a scam but it makes it harder for me to trust the development team.

I won’t be recommending BinaDroid to the binary today readers at this point in time because I’ve yet to try the software. Obviously I found a couple of red flags pertaining to this software but using an actor isn’t a crime. If I do decide to test this system in the next couple of weeks I would like to see some actual trading results and an explanation of the binary options strategy before I do. If there’s anything you would like to add to this review please leave a comment now.

I appreciate the time you spend on binary today and hope that the years of analyzing this market helps me make you a better trader.

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