Auto Profit Suite

auto-profit-suiteAuto profit suite is a new binary options software that claims to have the ability to turn $7 into over $1000 every day for the rest of time. The developer of the software claims to be taking on 20 people per day and he guarantees that they will make $1000 a day.

Today I will review the potential of this software and inform the binary today community on whether or not this suite has what it takes to survive in the binary options marketplace.

Auto Profit Suite Review

I thought the auto profit suite was released today but according to the video on the front page 20 people signed up yesterday and they were all paid over $1000 already. The video on the website is action-packed as it flashes from scene to scene showing expensive cars, lavish vacations and stacks of money. In between all this luxury marketing there are quick screenshots of clients bank accounts with thousands of dollars in them. The software is being marketed as a free 100% automated binary options trading software.

Despite being the first day I’ve seen the auto profit suite the developer the videos telling us today is the final day. When I see statements like these I always do tests. In this case, I will wait until tomorrow and see if the website is still up. If the website is down then they were telling the truth, but if the website is still available I know that this was just a marketing method to try and get me to make a quick decision. Every single time I’ve done one of these tests I’ve been proven correct. Another strong method is to wait until the weekend and see if they’re still posting results, if they are you know that the results are falsified and just a script.

It’s too early for me to have an opinion on this auto profit suite software. I believe that our best bet is to wait and see what the binary today community has to say before moving forward. As per usual, there is little to no binary options strategy being discussed so until I see results from the community I won’t be getting involved. If you have something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your comments and questions below now. Thanks for coming to binary today and feel free to send me a personal email by clicking ask John at any time.

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