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app-mobile-botApp mobile bot is a new binary options trading software that is telling traders that it’s a $1 trillion company. The developers of the system are telling traders that their clients have already withdrew over $1 million in profits despite the fact that the software just came out a couple of days ago.

Today I will be reviewing the software and letting you know if this is just another hyped up scam or real trading opportunity.

App Mobile Bot Review

I started to get quite a few emails for the app mobile bot, it looks like it’s going to be the next aggressively pushed software by the affiliates in the binary options market. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a bad product but the products promoted this way in the past have not been very helpful. Actually wrote a review for this product under a different name a couple of weeks ago but it looks like they changed names so I have to put this together yet again.

The front page of the app mobile bot website consists of a video, a bunch of testimonials and a lot of information about Apple products. The website looks impressive but it really follows the common marketing practices in the binary options market. By this I mean we see a counter on the left-hand side of the page that says APL Bot Stock Watch. Here we see withdrawals from the software consistently going up alongside trade volume but when you refresh the webpage it always starts back at a certain point. If you leave this page out overnight these numbers keep climbing at a rate that is too fast to believe. The developer himself tells us that he’s made over 26 million from Apple stock. The numbers are high in the risk is there so what should we do.

At this point I won’t give a full recommendation to the app mobile bot because I haven’t thoroughly tested the software. I think the best thing that we can do when it comes to systems that are promoted this heavily is wait for the community to chime in. There’s no reason for us to be guinea pigs, so let’s temper our expectations and see what the binary today readers have to say about the software. If you have used this APL Bot system to take advantage of Apple stock please leave your comments and reviews below the article right now.

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