100K Binary Challenge – Where’s The Proof?

100k-binary-challenge100K Binary Challenge is a journey by Shane Morton and Isaac Groisman to turn a $250 deposit into $100,000. In order to join the group traders are required to register and deposit $250 with one of their recommended brokers.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at the challenge and how far these traders have reached in their journey.

100K Binary Challenge Review

The 100K Binary Challenge launched in January 2016. Shane and Isaac provide signals throughout the London & New York sessions in a private Telegram Channel. They claim to use complex analysis and custom indicators but don’t go into any other real detail. There is actually very little information in general on the web-site.

Even after registering there doesn’t seem to be any members area. There is a small page that seems very inconsequential. There is a title “Step 2: now open your broker by cliking below” but there isn’t anything to click. It’s just a blank box. It really seems like the developers of this challenge have disappeared.

Video Review

The Challenge Progress

I find it quite odd that despite being in business for over 10 months there isn’t a single update on the 100K Binary Challenge. When putting together a journey like this it’s imperative that Shane and Isaac provide results but they don’t. I expect to see weekly updates at the very least so I know whether or not these traders are any good. The fact that they aren’t providing any results at all leads me to believe that they aren’t doing very well.

The only reason I was interested in this concept is because of the journey but if the journey isn’t tracked then I don’t see the point. The developers can certainly do a better job at organizing their website and providing us with the information we require.

I don’t like the fact that I have to register with a binary options broker considering I already have brokers and I don’t like the fact that the registration link doesn’t even work.


There is a lot that needs to be done with the 100K Binary Challenge before it is ready for the public. I know it seems crazy to say so after 10 months but it just doesn’t seem like Isaac and Shane have spent enough time on their website. Hopefully they are still at it and they can make the necessary changes to ensure that their product doesn’t fall flat. Until then, I recommend other options.

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