Trading Binary Options In MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Lately, a lot of people have been emailing and asking me about new and different ways to trade binary options. Most traders use platforms that all look very similar, like SpotOption, TraderSoft, Marketpulse etc. These platforms are used by many binary options brokers, but they aren’t the only option.

Today, I’m going to be introducing you to trading binary options in MetaTrader 4. This is something I’ve just recently started testing, and I’ve been very impressed with the results.

Binary Options MT4

A lot of you are going to ask me how is it possible to trade binary options in meta-trader 4? It’s actually quite simple. There are a handful of brokers that deal with Forex first using MT4, that it started to offer binary options services. I am currently testing Core Liquidity, and my first impressions are good. I won’t be providing a recommendation for you do sign up with MT4 binary options broker today, but this is certainly something you can test and trade on demo account.

What I really like about trading binary options in MT4 is the fact that I receive all of my signals in this platform already. Right now I have over 20+ charts open in my account running Binary Strategy. You can see this in the example below. What I really like about this, is that I can receive the trades and placed the trades in the exact same place. This makes it easier for me to analyze the charts and do basic price action to ensure that the trade signal is worth trading.

How To Trade Binary Options In MT4

It’s actually extremely easy to trade binary options in meta-trader 4. All I do is this, when I receive a signal, I right-click on the chart, select trading and then select a new order.
Then, you will see that this pops up a very simple binary options trade window. Here you will see all the important binary options aspects you are used to. Such as, the pair that you are trading, the investment you want to make for that trade, the expiry time, the pain win payout percentage and the trade return. Once you open the trade, it will use the meta-trader 4 prices to determine the outcome of that trade. This is much more effective than most binary options platforms because this platform doesn’t have a long history of market manipulation like most binary options brokerages. I feel like this separation alone is worth giving it a shot.

Binary Options Demo Account In MetaTrader 4

Another major benefit of trading binary options in meta-trader 4, is how easy it is for you to paper trade. You can open a new MT4 demo in the matter of minutes, without ever having to fill out any real information. This makes the process fast, and gives you the opportunity to trade without any risk at all. This is a great way to test and work on your Binary trade strategy, and it’s something that I do all the time. Trading binary options in this manner, can help you develop new strategies and become a lot more comfortable with taking calculated risk.

Every time I’m working on a new strategy, or trying a new binary options software or signal service, I always use an MT4 binary options demo.

Binary MT4 Results Tracking

Another reason why trading binary options in MT4 is effective, is because it allows for results tracking. You can use tools like Myfxbook to keep track of all your trades and even share them with the community. I haven’t done this yet, because the majority of my live trades aren’t on this paltform, but I would like to at least provide a trading session or two in this manner to show you exactly how I operate.


There are many benefits to trading binary options on the MetaTrader 4 platform. What do you think about this concept? Thanks for reading and please leave your comments and questions about this new way to trade below.

To download the application that lets you trade in your MT4, just click here.

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