Trade the AUD Review

trade-the-audTrade the AUD is a binary options signal service focused on the Australian Dollar. They pride themselves on offering a transparent and straight forward binary options signal service. They deliver the signals via the WhatsAPP messaging application.

Today I’ll be review this signal service and tell the binary today readers what I expect.

Trade the AUD Review

They feel that by sending signals that trade the AUD specifically that they can really pay attention to understanding these currency pairs and providing better signals. According to their website this service is currently providing a 77% win rate. This is verified by a trading portfolio on the website. Obviously it is not fully verified because we didn’t see them place these trades but the numbers do add up.

We can tell a lot about the trade the AUD signal service by analyzing their recent trades. We can see that the expiry times are usually around 30 minutes to 1 hour per trade which is a good sign. There is a column labeled martingale, so there are trades where they use martingale strategies to try and make up for losses. I am not a big fan of martingale trading. I’ve always found it to be quite dangerous and I try to limit the risk as much as I can. If they provide signals and specify whether or not they are using a martingale strategy this would be very helpful because then we could decide whether or not we want to use the binary options signal. They tell us that they have 4 team members, 98 beta users and that they provide 10 signals per session of 3 hours. The website is impressive, the results we are seeing are impressive and so are the roles of the team members, but is that enough?

At this point in time it is not. As much as I would like to recommend trade the AUD to the binary today members I have to tread cautiously here. The only way we will truly know if this signal service is providing a 77% win ratio is if we hear from the community. So that being said, I urge any of the Binary Today readers or extended binary options community to leave their remarks about this software now. If you have anything you would like to add please leave a comment below the review now. I appreciate the time you spend here and hope that if you ever need help that you reach out to me by clicking Ask John at the top of the page.


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