Trade Olympic Review: Here is all that you need to know!

Trade Olympic is an online brokerage site that offers a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, Binary Options and other commodities. They claim to have the best experts that handle the trades. They also have a dedicated trading platform that allows traders to maximize their income. While everything on their website looks fine from a distance, it is better to look closely at their offers before deciding whether it is a legitimate investment or not. They claim to provide competitive pricing and a professional team that allows you to trade for maximum profits. They also claim to have the latest analytical tools so that traders can make a good ROI. While any trader would recognize that an ROI of 95% is almost impossible, it is worth looking at their offers to see whether they are legitimate or not.

Trade Olympic is an online brokerage site that was registered in February 2020. They claim to be regulated by the CFTC in New York, but this information was proved to be false. They also claim to be registered in Belize, Cyprus and the FCA of the UK. However, none of this information could be verified. The company has provided contact details and a US phone number. The phone number is +1 912 472 0110 and the email address is However, they don’t seem to answer the phone whenever someone calls. They have also provided a physical address at East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003, United States.

Trade Olympic Review

When you visit the Trade Olympic website, you will notice that they offer a few investment options. Firstly, they offer the Meta Trader 5. They also offer Binary options as well as investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are 4 investment plans to choose from. The basic plan has a minimum investment of $500, which the Premium plan starts at $`10000. At a minimum, you can get a spread of 1.9 and negative balance protection. If you look closely at the investment plans, you will notice that it is much higher than the average market rate, where the minimum investment is usually $250.


The trading strategy of Trade Olympic is not clear to someone who is visiting their site for the first time. They claim to offer a leverage of 1:5. The also claim to have a spread system for binary trading. However, they are not clear on what makes this trading platform unique, or what makes their strategy better. They have claimed to offer an ROI of 95%. This means that they will almost double your money every year, which is not possible. Unfortunately, any experienced investor can see that there is no specific trading strategy. They do claim to offer the MT5 trading platform, but many other verified sites also offer the same. This does not add any credibility to their trading strategy.


  • Company: Trade Olympic
  • Product: Trading platform
  • Minimum investment: $500
  • Trading strategy: Not clear
  • Trading results: Not verified
  • Customer Feedback: Not available

Trading Results

When you look for actual proof that Trade Olympic is legitimate, then unfortunately, you will not find any. While they have only been operational since February 2020, they should at least have some proof that they are delivering results. There is no information on their previous trading results, and they do not even provide customer testimonials. If you look for a selection of previous results, then you won’t find that either. The only way to know that they are legitimate is if they add live trading results to the website. These should also be verified from a third party.

Client Feedback

While Trade Olympic has only been operations for a few months, they are already getting bad customer reviews. The complaints are the same as with other sites. Customers are complaining about losing all their funds. However, the company does not eve provide proof that these funds were lost during trading. They are also complaining about the poor quality of support. Most customers claim that the support email only works when you are about to make a deposit. Afterwards, you are forgotten. This poor quality feedback makes one think twice before trusting the claims made by Trade Olympic.


If you were planning on investing in the Trade Olympic website, then you should think again. One of the main issues that they are facing is that they do not provide any real trading results to show proof that they are actually trade. The other issue is that they make false claims about their registration. It is highly risky to deal with unregistered brokers. Judging from the poor customer feedback as well, you should think twice before investing on this platform. It is better to invest in a trusted platform that can provide proof of registration and payment.

Trade Olympic Minimum Investment: $500
  • Price - 10%
  • Strategy - 10%
  • Trading Results - 15%
  • Client Feedback - 10%
  • Customer Support - 10%


They have a seemingly professional website
They offer a variety of account types that you can choose from
The company promises a high profit return


Their trading results do not seem to be authenticated
The minimum investment is way too high and has an equivalent risk factor associated
Their trading strategy lacks necessary details

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