The Binary Redemption

the binary redemptionThe binary redemption is a new binary options software that claims that it is a system stolen from the banks that makes $6.5 million a year. The sales pitch for this one is definitely a red flag and there are also a lot of marketing tactics like time counters the claim that the entire website expires.

Today I will be providing a review and from what I see so far it likely isn’t going to be a good one.

The Binary Redemption Review

The developer of the binary redemption claims that people that are trading Forex in binary options need to stop immediately. He says they need to do so because the big banks are rigging the entire market dooming traders to fail. He then says that he is going to tell you how that you can use the same tool the greedy bankers are using so that you can exploit the market and make yourself millions.

I had a really difficult time watching this video for the binary redemption so I decided I would skip it a couple minutes in and look at the members area. Much to my disappointment all I come across in the members area is another video and another time are saying that this website expires in five minutes. Every time I refresh this page the timer starts right back up at five minutes in the website never expires no matter how many days go by. To me, that doesn’t look good.

Today I will not be recommending the binary redemption to any binary today subscribers. There is really no reason for us to get involved with this system at all. This software shows no promise because there are no results, no history, no knowledge of the developer and the fact that it follows the exact same scheme as all the other failed free binary systems. If you are looking to succeed in binary options look around on my website and you will find there are systems rated well by the users in this community. If you have something you would like to add to this review please let me know your thoughts on the binary redemption.

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