The 30 Day Challenge Review

the-30-day-challengeThe 30 day challenge is a binary options software that claims to be making it’s clients $1,000,000 in the first 30 days of use. Not only this, they say that the software used be going for $997 and that now it’s totally free. Sounds like the usual sales pitch really.

Today I’ll be providing a review and giving the Binary Today readers the opportunity to let their opinions be heard.

The 30 Day Challenge Review

The 30 day challenge developers are aggressive with their claims, so much so that this could easily be seen as a get rich quick scheme. The developers say that they guarantee to make trades 1 million dollars in 4 weeks. Do I believe it? No. I’ve learned after spending years in this market that the system that promises millions of dollars generally end up costing you a few hundred and a few pride points. The web site is lackluster, outside of a video there is no content what so ever outside of a 5 step process image which is hardly helpful at all.

The people at the 30 day challenge promise that their four steps will lead to making huge profits. These are the steps they’ve listed:

  1. Get invited to the VIP page and watch the video (this page is not VIP anyone who has the link can access it).
  2. Sign up today to qualify for free VIP access (again trying to make the system seem important by using the word VIP).
  3. Boom you made it.
  4. Creating your account.
  5. Final step, make huge profits.

It’s the exact same process every other free-based binary options trading system has provided before it. The problem with this fact is that all those other systems failed to achieve their goals and this one doesn’t differentiate itself from them at all. Despite saying that the software used to cost nearly $1000 I don’t believe it ever hit the market, nor do I believe they would be able to sell any copies with the information they are providing.

I won’t be recommending the 30 day challenge to the binary today readers or any of the trading community for that matter. I really hope that these developers start to look at some of the better systems and start trying to actually compete. All they do is force feed us a bad sales pitch and hope that we buy into a story. It is disrespectful to the real traders and investors that we are. If you want to let me know what you think please leave a comment or question below.

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