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Signals 365 is a binary options signal service that aims to provide a 70% win rate. The people that put together this service believe that you can make thousands of dollars per month with their award-winning binary options signal service. I’m not sure which counsel of people has given them an award or if this is just a self-proclaimed award.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know the important details you need to make the right decision.

Signals 365 Review

The signals 365 service claims to provide over 100 daily signals, short and long-term signals, real-time alerting and and ease-of-use for any level of trader. The developers of the system also provide money management strategies to help maximize the wins and achieve a 12% return on investment per day. These numbers are very impressive but most products in this market boasts extremely high return on investment numbers as well. That doesn’t mean they are always truthful.

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The signal providers focus on filtering out signals during major news events so that the signals 365 service is not impacted by large market shifts. They have proof or results on the front page of the website. Here we see 65 to 70% in the money so they have drop-down from their initial 70%. One of the problems I have here is the exact same problem I had with the last developer that I reviewed 5 minutes ago but this is not as egregious. The results on this page stopped over 2 weeks ago and only showed a period of 3 days. For all we know they are only showing us the best 3 days the signals 365 service ever had. It makes no sense as to why this signal service suddenly stop providing us with results.


Today I will not be recommending signals 365 to the binary today readers. The sample size of results is too small and it doesn’t make sense to me that they would suddenly stop providing results after just 3 days. I want to know what happened in the last 2 to 3 weeks and until I see that I will be changing my mind about this system. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments and remarks below. I always appreciate hearing from you and hope that you spend some time on my website or email me personally.

Update: the website doesn’t seem to be working anymore, which isn’t a big surprise. It’s just another binary options product producer that decided to hit the road. The more and more vendors that disappear, it just makes us look better. We fought through the competition, the slanderous remarks, and continue to provide the best binary options signals in the market.

So if you were one of our doubters, maybe it’s time to give us a shot!

Signals 365 Undisclosed
  • Price - 51%
  • Strategy - 33%
  • Results - 12%
  • Feedback - 50%
  • Support - 81%


Binary signals
70% win rate promise


No proof
Limited strategy insight

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