Sarah’s Confession Review

sarah's-confessionSarah’s confession is a new binary trading system that’s been built to make traders up to $60,000 per day. Sarah tells us that she understands if we don’t believe her because of our past experiences with developer selling us hopes and dreams but she says she’s here to help us get to the next level.

Today I’ll review this binary options software and inform the public about it’s potential.

Sarah’s Confession Review

The Sarah’s confession website consists of a short video where Sarah introduces herself and an email subscription form that states there are 3 licenses that just opened up. There is also a popup that claims that I’ve been randomly selected to receive a free 1 on 1 coaching session with Sarah, the creator of the system that’s valued at $9,997 but today it’s free. I’ve gone onto this site on separate computers, from my VPS, different networks, this popup always comes up so I really don’t believe that I’ve been randomly selected. I believe that this is just a way to try and make me feel special so that I’m more inclined to sign up.

The Sarah’s confession members area is what I’ve grown to expect in the binary options market. We have to register with a binary options broker in under 10 minutes or we won’t be able to sign up. Don’t worry, this is a fake timer and when it hits zero, nothing happens. There are results underneath this form but I have a difficulty believing in these because they can’t be verified. Then there are a bunch of testimonials. Andy Steward from the USA tells us that he’s on target to make $70,000 in his first week with Sarah’s software. Bastian Kuche tells us that his account jumped from $250 to $8000 in just one night. The testimonials sound too good to be true, and that usually means they are.

If you want to add something about the Sarah’s Confession system please leave your comment below. I will not be approving of this system or recommending it to the binary today readers. I feel that this developer has a lot of work to do to earn our trust as the flashy video with cars and boats only pushes us away. If this system ever wins any money the binary today readers will be the first to know. Until then I suggest taking a step back and looking at what works for the rest of the readers here.


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