Profit Shield Review

profit-shieldProfit shield is a new binary options software that claims that there is an imminent financial crisis as every day people are constantly losing their jobs. The producers of the system believe that people can no longer rely on paychecks for financial security and that’s why he’s created this coalition.

Today I will provide a review and let you know if there is truly a crisis and if we should be trusting a short video online to help us resolve this issue.

Profit Shield Review

The profit shield webpage is very simple, there is a small video and an instant access button which leads to an email subscription form. Now, I’ll go through some of the narration provided in the video and see if we can trust any of it. The narrator tells us that he doesn’t know how the hell we landed on this page but we are extremely lucky that we did. Considering that I was emailed by an affiliate marketer that I follow to see what new binary products are hitting the market you should know exactly how I came to this page. A marketer sent me here so that if I order the product he gets a piece of the commissions.

Then, we are told that the profit shield website is nearly being taken off the Internet but it’s never disclosed as to why or who the people are that want to take this down. Considering this website is at risk of being taken down, it makes me very apprehensive about joining. The last thing I want to do is sign up for a website that disappears the next day. According to the developers, this product was once reserved only for the elite and now it’s available to the public for zero cost.

Today I won’t be recommending the profit shield system to the binary options community. The video seems to follow the exact same scripts as any other free binary options system on the market. They tell us that they can’t believe that we somehow found this page and that we have to sign up right away or it’s gone for good. Then we are informed that we don’t have to spend any money and that they’ll never ask for a credit card. Yet, but we going the members area we will have to register with a binary options broker and user credit card to deposit money with that broker before we gain access to the system. The story has been told too many times in the outcome has never been a positive one. If you would like to leave a comment about the review and provide your thoughts on this program please do so now.

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