Peak Binary Options Trading Hours

peak-binary-options-trading-hoursPeak binary options trading hours can make or break a trader, learn the best time to trade and how to take advantage of market times.

Today I’ll be discussing the best hours to trade binary options and what strategies you can utilize to find the hours in which you are most successful.

Binary is usually most active during the New York session. I say this because this is when the binary options brokers provide the most expiry options. If you go into your own binary options broker you will be able to find their asset index. This will tell you exactly when each asset is available to be traded throughout the day.

Obviously if there are specific assets that you prefer then that would determine the best trading hours for you.

Peak Binary Options Trading Hours Strategy

trading journalOne of the ways I determine the peak binary options trading hours to meet my own personal goals is by using a trading journal.

Often I consider “the peak” to be the best time, not always the busiest time.

With that being said, a trading journal can be a very helpful tool. Mark down every single trade you make, and then at the end of the month tabulate the results. From this list you will be able to determine which hours you had the most success. These are now your personal peak binary options trading hours.

Moving forward you can now focus on those hours or continue your trading journal to get a larger sample size.

There was one reader on Binary Today who was trading with a 45% accuracy rate, he was losing his money. I told him about the trade journal strategy and he noticed that during a span of 3 hours a day he was over 80% but outside of those hours his in the money ratio was horrendous.

He made a quick adjustment, and recognized that his peak binary options trading hours are now just those three hours. He trades them successfully, and since has reported to me that his account is growing steadily and he still uses this strategy to date.

It’s a really simple strategy, but often the most simple things are the ones that we gloss over.

I hope this educational binary options article helps you understand how to get better trades by basic analysis. If you ever need any help send me an email and we can try and figure out your best time to trade. Thanks for reading and start a trading journal today so that you can understand your personal peak binary options trading hours.

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