Magnetic Profits

magnetic profitsMagnetic profits is a new binary options software by Michael Lee. He claims that he is good news and bad news. He says that his software is making his students a lot of money but he’s running out of seats due to popular demand. This sounds like urgency marketing tactics right on the front page of the website which is a red flag.

Today I will be providing a review of this software and letting the binary today readers understand whether or not this is truly a worthwhile investment.

Magnetic Profits Review

The front page of the magnetic profits software shows quite a few different red flags. One of them is a fake survey that asks how much money do you want to make a month using the software? Mike Lee then gives four options, $500, $1500, $5000 or $20,000. You are asked then to enter your email and submit your answer. This is just a way the developer is using to get you into the members area so I wouldn’t put stake into this survey.

Despite my better judgment I decided to click on the magnetic profits video on the front page. The first line of the video says stop, everything you have believed about money is a lie. Immediately disappointed in myself for clicking on the video and expecting to actually see some sort of results or intelligent discussion about the strategy being used for the software. Instead I am faced with more marketing jargon.

There is no way that I’m going to promote or recommend the magnetic profits software to any binary today readers. This is just another system we are going to have to stay away from. I’m sure some of you are annoyed by the fact that I do not recommend many systems that this is because I only want the best for the readers of this website and the marketplace is full of bad products. If you something you would like to offer to this review please leave a comment below.

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