Lone Wolf Signals

lone wolf signalsLone Wolf signals is a binary options trading signal service that has been around for around nine months so it’s not your normal flyby night trading offer. The provider of this service guarantees a 75% monthly accuracy or they will personally refund your initial deposit.

Today I will be providing a review on what looks to be something a little different from the normal binary options offerings that I review.

Lone Wolf Signals Review

The lone wolf signals provider sends trades with expiry times between 15 and 60 minutes which definitely suits my style of trading. Their team of traders will also send long-term trades that consists of and of day and end of week options which is something I’ve traded in the past quite frequently with binary options bullet. Outside of the 75% accuracy claim the team of traders with over 30 years combined experience don’t make any large promises about making millions overnight which is also quite refreshing.

Where I do have some issue with the lone wolf signals is the price. At $200 a month this signal service is likely a little too expensive for the readers here at binary today. They do have a free six-month offer where traders can sign up with the broker in order to gain access to the signal service but you know me I really hate the broker affiliation product swap. I really don’t trust systems that have offerings like this but I do have to say this guy seems a little different.

Today I’m not going to give a full recommendation to the lone wolf signals service but I am definitely not turning my back on them. At the price they’re offering it I don’t think I can jump in immediately but I would love to hear from the community to see if any of the binary today readers have been using the service. I think the developers of the software come across like they have real credibility and they are very straightforward without making claims that are too aggressive. This does not come across as a get rich quick scheme so it passes that test. I plan on monitoring the service and potentially getting involved myself in the next few months to let the binary today readers truly know whether or not we can get involved with the lone wolf signals.

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