Global Millionaires Club Review

global-millionaires-clubGlobal millionaires club is a binary options trading system built to earn traders between $1100-$1800 a day. It looks like most automated binary options systems so I’ll obviously be approaching the system with a level of skepticism.

Today I will be providing review so the binary today readers understand if this is a viable trading opportunity or another robot that just hasn’t fallen flat yet.

Global Millionaires Club Review

The front page of the global millionaires club shows the developer of the software, Alex Wilson standing in front of a lineup of expensive cars. Alex tells us that he is a professor of statistics and an honorary professor of mathematics. During his time is been able to publish over 100 research articles that focus on statistical calculus and he’s used this knowledge to earn over $5 million trading binary options in the past 3 years. He tells us that he’s now providing this program to the public and that it’s going to change your life. Despite my efforts to look for some of these research articles I’ve come up empty-handed. I would like some proof that Alexander is who he says he is before I start forking over my hard-earned dollars.

The global millionaires club webpage provides us with an email subscription form, some success stories and frequently asked questions area. In reading through the success stories I found one from a person called the Simitator. This interested me because there was a tweet which means I would be able to find a Twitter account and verify that it’s real. In doing so, I went to twitter and it turns out that this twitter account is suspended. I’m not sure why that is but because his handle on twitter is I decided I would go to the webpage to do further research. Here I found a generator for fake Twitter tweets, and Facebook statuses. Now, I don’t want to read into this too much but I don’t believe that it’s a coincidence that the developer of this club left of breadcrumbs to a generator form for fake testimonials. I have no idea why Alex would do this but it certainly enough for me to move on.

I will not be recommending the global millionaires club to any of the binary today readers. I’m not sure what Alex is trying to do but the red flags associated with this product are revealing. I doubt that I’ll update this review in the future but if you leave any comments I will certainly respond to them as soon as I possibly can. I appreciate you coming to binary today and hope this review helps you make the right decision when it comes to this binary options software.

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