Full Review: TBO Trading Software

Today I’m looking at another automated binary options trading system that promises landslide winnings, TBO Trading Software. This automated tool is eerily similar to many robots I’ve reviewed over the past 6 months. It’s very likely that this is a white label product, which means it can be purchased, re-branded and redistributed by anyone who buys the rights to it. There is a very high probability that this product has already been on the market many times with different names.

It is unclear who the developers of this software are, and they do not provide an address for the location of their offices or an email address to contact them. The only way to get in touch with the support staff is to fill out a contact form at the bottom of the sales page.

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TBO Trading Software Review

The facts and the features provided by the TBO Trading Software developers are all oversimplified. The sales page communicates the traders can achieve the trading goals with profitable signals directly to the brokerage account both manually or automatically. The system works on all mobile devices and they promise to give the community the tools they need in order to reach the highest levels of success.

Yet, they never really tell us anything about the strategy and how this is all supposed to work.

They briefly tell us that signals are generated using 6 different indicators, but that’s not a strategy. Not only is that not a strategy, but that’s the exact same sales approach used by a whole bunch of automated binary options products. That’s why I believe that this system is just a copy, or re-brand of trading products that have hit the market many times already. The problem with this, is that all of those platforms did nothing but lose trades.

Demo Account

The TBO Trading Developers provide traders with a demo account so that they can see how the software works before risking real money. The problem with this demo account, is that it will show you fake winning trades to make it seem like the software is more profitable than it really is. Be very careful, and if you use the demo, make sure that the open and close prices of the trades are real and in line with the actual market prices. You can do this by going to any other brokerage while you test.


As for the results, the developer provides a short 10 trade table that is supposed to reflect their latest trades. In this table 8 out of the last 10 trades have one, but this doesn’t give us any clue as to how the system actually works. It doesn’t show us and expiry time, and these trades are not connected to any platform so they could simply be cherry picked by the TBO Trading Software developers to show winning trades.

In this section, we are also shown that their system apparently has over 6500 clients. I don’t believe this for a second. The website was only registered a couple of months ago and I’ve never even heard of it. Trust me, if there was a binary options product with thousands of clients, we would all know about it. This market isn’t big enough for product have over 6000 clients, and be under the radar for 4 months.

That’s just not possible.


I think it’s clear where I stand on the TBO Trading Software, at this point in time. I believe that this trading software is a simple white label product that’s been marketed over 100 times in this market. Every single time, they advertise the same 6 indicators and offer a demo account that doesn’t work properly. Please let me know what you think about the software by leaving your comments and questions below this article now.

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