Expert Review: Binary Strategy

In every marketplace there are major shifts due to innovation and perseverance, today with the release of Binary Strategy, we have just that. This new binary options trading system is built on the foundation of divergence trading methods, to ensure traders receive elite level trading signals that they can utilize on a daily basis.

At this point, it’s easy for me to say that this trading strategy has impacted my personal performance more than any other product that I’ve ever tested. The creators are using the number one binary options development team available, and have reached out to people like myself for input in the process. I believe that this type of trading system is what the binary options market deserves, and anyone else in this market should take notes.

Binary Strategy Review

The first point that I want to make about binary strategy, is that it consists of thousands of lines of real code. This is not one of those trading systems built on properties that consist on flip a coin trade logic. This is not a black box that you put your hand in, and pick out a trade.

No. This analytic software monitors the markets 24 hours a day, and when the market lines up perfectly with the trading strategy, you receive a signal. There will be times when trading opportunities aren’t available, and this is a good thing.

Trust me, you don’t want a trading software or method that forces you trading signals. You want a strict and balanced methodology that keeps the in the money ratio as high as possible.


  • Type: Binary Options Signal Strategy
  • Price: $189.99 (20% OFF coupon below)
  • Strategy: Divergence
  • Multiple Strategies, Valor & Spirit
  • Expiry Times: 15 Minute
  • Assets: All (I have only tested majors so far)

Video Review With Live Trades

In this video review, I use the binary strategy software, with a focus on their spirit signals module to earn over $1000, in a couple of hours. Watch the live trades, and get my take on this tremendous trading approach.

How To Receive & Place Trades

In the video above, I showed you exactly how I receive and place trades using Binary Strategy. The process is really simple, and that’s a good thing.

The main point here, is that it doesn’t matter what broker you use, or where you live, the signals have been tested and are compatible with all platforms. In the video above, you can see that I’m utilizing a MetaTrader 4 plugin to trade in the same platform that I’m receiving the signals. This isn’t required, and this isn’t going to be the most common way that my readers are trading. The majority of you will be trading with your binary options brokers on their web platform. This is perfectly fine, and it works well. I trade mostly with web platforms as well, but the video is much clearer doing it the way that I did, because you can watch the entire trade play out.

As for receiving the signals, you can receive them directly in MetaTrader 4, a free platform provided for you in the members area, in your email address, or even to your phone.

The best approach is to register with Binary Strategy as your first step, because the members area will provide you with everything else you need, with guides, at no extra cost.

Binary Strategy Performance

In this review, I don’t want to delve too deep into the trade logic behind these elite signals because you can read this information directly from the vendor website. What I do want to focus on, is the trading results.

The Binary Strategy team update their trading results on a daily basis. They tell us the exact time in which trades are taken, and don’t shy away from their losses. This isn’t the type of trading system that’s going to promise you a 90% winning ratio. With over 1300 trades recorded, the software is currently boasting a 74.2% winning rate. This is a very strong winning percentage, and one that is much more realistic than you’ve been promised in the past.

The 74.2% number comes from actual trades that are updated every single day on the website. If you aren’t sure if you want to sign up, you can always monitor these trading results for a few weeks to see if it peaks your interest. You can even come back in 2 years from now, and they’ll still be updating their trading results on a daily basis, because they believe in this system.

On top of the daily live trading results, the developers have spent hours back testing their strategy to ensure that it works going back to 2015, and that it projects well for the future. In fact, the developers project that the software is going to produce at an 80% winning rate as we move into 2020. This is just a projection, but based on the framework and approach they’ve taken to historical analysis, I have a lot of confidence in their projections.

2020 Update

Binary Strategy continues to grace all of my charts, and remains the #1 option here are Binary Today for over an entire year straight. These 15 minute signals have transformed the binary options market, and made winning easy for all levels of traders. The software is compatible with all brokers, and I’ve never seen this much positive client feedback for any product in this marketplace.

I don’t want to stuff the review with too many images, but definitely check out these latest reviews I’ve come across on third party verified websites:

As you can see, the community is responding very well to the signals, which are hitting the 2020 projections with a strike rate over 80%.


As far as I’m concerned, Binary Strategy is a can’t miss opportunity.

With a proven strategy, the best development team in the binary options market, and support from all of the best traders in the market, I know that this is a winner.

Thank you for reading my entire review, and as a reward please take advantage of this 20% off coupon.

COUPON: Binary15 (15% OFF)

Binary Strategy $189


Binary strategy is the best binary options signals service available. It works with any MT4 account, and the signals can be used with any brokerage. It is a simple system to work with, and provides very accurate trading signals that can help traders grow their accounts.

  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Support


Multiple strategies (spirit & valor)

15 minute expiry signals

Proven trading results

Effective entries

Signals work on all brokers


High price

Requires MT4 (free platform that’s easy to install)

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