Copy Trade Profit

copy-trade-profitCopy trade profit is another free binary options trading software. The people behind this software tell us that the invitation form closes in 30 minutes and that there are only 45 remaining copies available before it’s gone for good.

Today I’ll be analyzing the credentials of this developer and informing the binary today community of my findings.

Copy Trade Profit Review

The copy trade profit system is just like all the other free binary options systems on the market at first glance. There is an aggressive video, an email subscription form, claims of thousands of dollars a day for just the average user. What does this all add up to? Usually disappointment. The counter on the front page that says the invitation form is about the close and 30 minutes does not close and if you refresh the page it will start back at 30 minutes yet again. This is just a classic pressure technique to try and get you to sign up right away.

In my analysis of the copy trade profit software I notice at the bottom of the page the disclaimer is for a different product called the auto mobile code. I decided to go to this website and do a little research to see what type of vendor we are dealing with here. The website was very similar using a video full of testimonials and making aggressive claims telling people they can make nearly $50,000 with cell phones. This is not a good sign, as it tells me that this developer is not a binary options trader but an Internet marketer by trade. It looks like he’s been in multiple markets making large claims and the reviews for that system aren’t favorable.

At this point I can’t provide a recommendation for the copy trade profit system because I haven’t tried it myself. I don’t plan on trying the system because of the fact that the guy put this together isn’t actually a binary options trader. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave a comment below now. I hope that this review helps you make the right decision that you spend more time on binary today getting to know how to be successful in this market the right way.

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