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Published on February 12th, 2016 | by John Kane


Copy Buffett Software Review

copy-buffet-softwareCopy Buffett Software is a binary options robot that aims to earn people nearly $2,000 per day. The whole concept behind the system is to analyze Warren Buffet and attempt to understand his trading approach and take advantage of it. I’m not sure what kind of role this plays in binary options.

Today I’ll review this system for you and make sure that we all know what we are getting ourselves into here.

Copy Buffett Software Review

The goal of the Copy Buffett Software is to bank on the reputation of one of the most popular and successful stock traders in the world. Warren has no connection to this product and likely would never consider dipping his feet into the binary options market because he trades big volume stocks. The developers of this system tell us that they’ve been studying Warren for over 6 years and have perfected an artificial software that copies Warren Buffet’s trading mentality. I really don’t see how this is possible. Warren trades large stocks like Directv, Viacom, Suncor Energy and much more. How his long term trading strategies impacts short term binary options trades really doesn’t mesh well or make sense to me. I would appreciate a much longer and detailed explanation to this point considering it’s the basis of their product.

In the Copy Buffett Software members area we are required to deposit money with the Bloombex Binary options broker before we get access to the software. This is normal in the binary options market, but don’t think you are actually getting this for free.

There is a weird chart on their website that looks to try and represent trading results. It says “Annual Campaign Sales” and shows some squiggly lines cutting across a page that can be filtered from 2012 – 2014. This really does not provide us with any trade information at all, and just acts to confuse.

I am not recommending the Copy Buffett Software to the Binary Today readers at this point in time. I really don’t understand their trading approach and don’t see anything that resembles proof. If the developers can explain their software and strategy to me in more detail then I will consider changing my mind. Let me know what you think about this software by leaving your personal review below this post now. Thanks for spending your time on Binary Today.

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paul martin
paul martin
3 years ago

Just another scam I’d guess ! This is how people like BUffet got rich in the firstplace exploiting other peoples $ ! I have been a reporter for 50 plus years and I have yet to find a single one of these advertised $gimmicks that work for most folk !
Like the old saying if it sounds to good to be true…it usually is !
Or Barnum the circus guy…..” There’s a sucker born every minute”

A well packaged and presented idea will fool most people…don’t buy it!

Gordon Reber
Gordon Reber
4 years ago

Fell for this scam like many others lost my 250 and now on to better things

4 years ago

Hi John,
I also joined the Copy Buffett Software after seeing so many positive reviews on it. I started trading on autotrader from Monday last week. It placed 2 45minutes trades and a12 hour trade, which ran until midnight that day. I lost all those trades, no wins whatsoever. I further traded on manual using the signals provided by the Copy Buffett software, that didn’t go too well either. From my initial deposit of $250 I’m down to now, $140. I emailed support@copybuffett, but they have not responded to me up till now. I’m so disappointed on this software. I also noticed that a lot of the websites like Quintup, Bestbinaryoptionssignals…etc who are praising this software, do not accept any negative comments about the software as I have tried to post my comments to their sites but to no avail. So is this really a scam or am I just unlucky with this software coz was hoping to atleast recover the $110 that I have lost and then staying away from binary options, permanently.

4 years ago

Below is my e-mail to Copy Buffet support sent 10 days ago, no response received to date

You can see it took a few days to drain my account, I would never use this software again I could have made guess trades at a higher prediction rate.

Hi Support,

My name :
My Copy Buffett Account ID :

I signed up for Copy Buffett last week 10/June/2016 but due to assigned broker (Bank De Binary ) I did not receive login details until Wednesday 15th June so my fist trades using auto trader were made then. I have attached PDF document that shows all trades made upto date, note I have deposited £250 and my balance is £6 with one trade running.

I would appreciate your help and guidance on the below questions as I have read so many positive references on Copy buffett software in auto trade mode.

1) I have made 17 trades whereby I lost 12, won 4 and one still is running but unfortunately its looking to be a loss to! I was trading at 95% at £25 trades but getting a about 25% correct predations, I know I could have got more right by guessing, why is it performing so bad for me.

2) The trading window is running an hour behind my current time, different time zones and I can’t change that.

3) I have read so many positive reviews on Copy Buffett software using auto trader that I was 100% confident that it would work at 70% correct perdition rate but unfortunately either im just unlucky or auto trader doesn’t work or that my trader is not entering trades correctly please advise.

4) I was informed numinous of time that Copy Buffett only predicts 10 minute trades but as you can see in my status that the majority of trades are over 30 minutes or more please advise.

5) You will see that I have many duplicated trades, why is this?

I cant and won’t complain about the Copy Buffett software as I don’t have enough evident to prove it does not work and that I was mislead, however I have concerns that all trades that were taken by my broker Banc DE Binary may have not been correctly receiving the signal received by copy buffet software therefore is there any evidents / logs you can supply me to confirm correct signals were actioned.

I would appreciate your response .

Adriaan Jordaan
Adriaan Jordaan
4 years ago

Hi John,
I have tried this Copy Buffett Software. I was on a losing streak right from the start and lost my deposit in just a few days. I then approached their support team and all the explanations for all my losses just did not make any sense. All these auto systems just seems to be a lot of scams.

Daniel Gelderbloem
Daniel Gelderbloem
4 years ago

Im really trying to do in-depth research on any binary option that draws my attention. In my research on Copy Buffett I found that 90% of reviews on them are positive.
Why should I choose to rather believe the 10% of negative reviews???

Stu Ensign
Stu Ensign
4 years ago

You are correct about Buffets trading style. I have watched a lot of clips like this one and then reviewed them. All turn out to be scams with fake actors etc. This one looks no different than the rest and I would bet my life that it too is nothing more than a scam

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