Confirmed Profits

confirmed-profitsConfirmed profits is yet another free binary options trading software. The people that put this system together tell us that they’ve made almost $3 million in 28 days and they have the proof from a third-party to back it up.

Today I’ll be reviewing this proof and analyzing the potential this binary options software has to make nearly $3 million.

Confirmed Profits Review

The confirmed profits developers rely heavily on the website which they claim is a third-party verification service that proves their results are real. This website is impressive and looks professional but I have a very difficult time believing that these accounts are real. I plan on sending an email to trade verify to see if they can verify some of my accounts, I get the feeling that their service is connected with these free binary options software websites. The images of people in the verification board are all stock images and not real people.

Like most binary software in this market the confirmed profits system is another beta-test. This means that the software is not ready for market yet and the developers are providing free copies to test their system before they release it. I always find this a very difficult proposal because systems that are ready for market should be trusted with will money. Also, despite needing you to do this beta-test they still require you to sign up with the recommended brokerage so that they get a commission.

At this point I can’t give a final conclusion about confirmed profits because I’ve not fully tested it myself. I am leaning to a more negative opinion on this system because of the elements I pointed out above. I have found that free binary options systems like this that make huge claims are generally the most unsuccessful. It’s very difficult to believe that this binary options software made nearly $3 million in 28 days. If you have something you would like to contribute to this review I would appreciate hearing your opinions and thoughts below the article. Thank you for coming to binary today and I hope that you will spend more time getting to know what strategies this community recommends.


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