Cloud Trader Review

cloud-traderCloud trader is a new binary options software promising to make traders $1250 every single day starting now. The developer the software tells us that it doesn’t matter who we are or how we found the webpage because he’s going to give us free access to the most powerful auto trading system in the world. Sounds like the start of a sales pitch to me.

Today I’ll be reviewing the software and letting the binary today community understand if it’s a viable trading system or not.

Cloud Trader Review

The cloud trader webpage consists of a short video, an email subscription form, a few bullet points and social network testimonials. The software provides traders with the option of receiving manual signals or fully automated trading. They promise that the software profits $158 per hour on average throughout the day. There is no proof on the website to back up these claims or substantiate the numbers.

As for how the system works, we are just told that cloud server power is the key to their success and having 82 server farms across the world allows them to offer the most accurate trades. I don’t see what type of role this would have in binary options trading. Yes, it’s good to have a fast Internet connection but it’s not going to be the main difference between losing and making hundreds of dollars an hour.

There needs to be some sort of strategy, but the cloud trader website fails to provide us with this information. We are only fed generic information about how the software is cautious and traded superspeed while posting a 100% win record. As for the social network testimonials, I have tried to find these on Twitter and Facebook but none of them exist. It is my opinion that they are fabricated.

I’m not going to be recommending the cloud trader to the binary options community at this point in time. I feel that this software is not ready for the big time and I’m not willing to trust any developer that using fake testimonials. If you have something you’d like to add to the review please leave your comments and remarks. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope you start your week off with some big winners.

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