Binary Review: Equinox Trading

Today I’m looking at a new binary options software that promises to make traders a guaranteed $10,000 every single month, Equinox Trading. Guarantees like this are made every single day in the binary options market by new software developers. It’s important that these promises are analyzed in depth because developers in this market has failed to deliver more times than I can count.

The developer and CEO of Equinox Holdings is Anthony Johnson. His location, and the location of the company is not diclosed, but traders can get in touch via For all of the Binary Today trading software reviews, please see the full rankings page here.

Equinox Trading Review

The Equinox Trading product is what we’ve grown to expect from this market. Sales pages with very little substance, and YouTube videos that leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. There’s always so many discrepancies with sales pages like these, and they are always extremely easy to point out. Under the “Who We Are” headline, we are told that the “trading software has raked in a staggering $14 million for its users and over the past two years has had a win rate of well over 96%, being featured by numerous mainstream financial news stations such as CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and others.”

This is just not true.

You can fact check this yourself, by going to any of those websites and searching for “Equinox Trading”, you will find nothing. None of these financial news stations have ever featured this trading product. This is just a simple ploy by the developers to try and make their system seem more impressive than it is. In the end, this really just hurts their credibility because it’s so easy so disprove their sales tactics.

Not only that, we are also told that the software raked in $14 million over the past 2 years. This is another lie. The software is just hitting the market today, and the YouTube video has only 67 views, which only strengthens my argument. The YouTube video is also uploaded by an account labeled “Automata Formula“, which is actually an older binary options auto trader that already failed.

The Details

It’s extremely common for trading systems like Equinox Trading to provide us with fluffy details and information.

  • Bare Metal Performance

This headline is not really explained. We are just told that they have high performing trading technology on superfast servers located across the world. I came across this exact same thing last week, with the developer telling us how fast their servers are. Yet, they can never even explain the strategy behind their trading system. You need much more than speed, and no trading software is executing at a faster speed than others because they are all at the mercy of the broker in the end.

  • Superior Technology

Again, this section just talks about how fast and low-latency their software is, but it is really usesless information.


There is really nothing in the Equinox Trading sales page that proves that this is more than just a collection of bad stories and poorly put together lies. There are certainly ways to be successful in the binary options market, but it’s never going to be with systems like these. Any developer that lies to you intentionally in every section of their website, obviously cannot be trusted.

Please let me know what you think of my review, and leave your comments below the article now.

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