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binary raider

Binary raider is another one of these black screen binary option products with little to no sales page at all. From my experience and I’ll be quite blunt about this I’ve never been able to have success with any system I’ve purchased from one of the websites that look like this.

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Binary Raider Review

In the binary raider video the developer of the software talks about how this is going to be the most decisive day in your life. Then he claims that he’s going to show us the software in action and that he’s the only person to ever do this before. I’ve seen it done 1 million times but I’m willing to watch again.

Then before showing us the software in action which is something out be interested in seeing he starts showing us bank account statements saying would you want bank accounts like this. I really don’t like this type of overt persuasive marketing using bank accounts and screenshots of trades, it is very deceptive.

Despite the developer of binary raider saying that he’s going to show us this software in action I find myself 10 minutes into the video still without seeing anything. I really despise this type of marketing, forcing me to watch this video and force-feeding me different screenshots that for all I know could be fake. I don’t think there is going to be any chance that I’m going to give this product the recommendation.

I’m still watching this binary raider video and getting absolutely nothing. I’m simply going to say don’t buy this software.

If you have something you would like to contribute to the binary raider review please leave your comments below and do yourself a favor, stay away from it.

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