Binary Money Machine

binary-money-machineBinary money machine is a new trading software developed by fugitive programmers that’s been built to make $14 per minute using Internet robots. The people behind the software claim that there’s 5 tester spots left to join their product testing group for the kraken.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at this software and reviewing both the machine and the kraken.

Binary Money Machine Review

The website promoting this binary money machine software consists of a small sales pitch, a picture of a video and a survey that simply asks how much money do you want to make per minute. This really isn’t much of a survey considering all for options are positive and I’m not sure who in their right mind would just put a checkmark in the largest amount box. In the sales pitch the developers tell us that this new software called the kraken is making $14 a minute and that’s equal to over $20,000 a day.

The developer behind the binary machine system, Josh Bacon tells traders that there are only 5 spots left for beta testers. I’ve had a pretty negative experience with beta testing in the past. Something I always want to get across to the readers here at binary today is that a beta test is the part of the software development process where bad things can happen. A beta test is what a software developer uses in order to make sure his product is safe enough and stable enough for the entire market to use. This means that if you get involved in a beta test with a binary options software you could easily lose all your money.

I will be giving the final recommendation to the binary money machine today. As I mentioned above, I am extremely skeptical about the beta testing process and really don’t feel like anyone should be using real money when testing the reliability of a binary options software. If you agree with me, or you don’t, please tell me why by leaving some comments below the article right now. Thank you for coming to binary today and I hope that this review opened your eyes even just a little bit to the dangers of binary options beta testing.

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